Your Future Is Now

A Guide to Understanding Your Finances and Gaining Independence

This timely, future-forward compendium of advice and guidance will help you gain the confidence and independence we all need when it comes to the often chaotic institution of the economy. The lack of resources and education about personal finance leaves many feeling out of control, but Your Future Is Now aims to lessen anxieties and ameliorate frustrations that tend to feel insurmountable. Jeffrey Panik writes for everyone, whether they are just receiving their first piggy bank or investing in a Roth IRA—and beyond. With thorough, painstaking detail, the nuances and subtleties of navigating finances are decoded in Panik's capable and experienced hands. 

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Jeffrey Panik

Certified Financial Planner™ and Advisor

With almost twenty-five years of experience as a financial advising professional, Jeffrey Panik, MSFS, CFP,® knows that his job is to help clients strike a balance between living well today and planning for the future. Throughout his career, Jeff has worked with hundreds of families, individuals, and small businesses to help them set goals, strategically manage their assets, and work toward achieving their dreams.

The first in his family to attend college, Jeff believes it is imperative to start the discussion of financial literacy early to best prepare for financial success throughout life. Jeff served in the US Army after college, which, as part of his service agreement, paid the student loans he had accrued. He was honorably discharged and began working as a Financial Advisor trainee at a large brokerage firm.

Though Jeff grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania, he has lived in the Atlanta area for two decades. Jeff and his wife Rebecca currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. When he isn’t working, Jeff enjoys spending time with family, traveling, reading, and all types of sports.