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Stand Out with Strong, Eye-catching Graphic Design

Custom cover designs, interior layouts, infographics, and illustrations give much needed visual meaning to vital words. Amplify Publishing Group’s graphic designers are experts at the marriage of art and content and have a holistic eye when it comes to graphic design, giving authors a visual advantage in today’s competitive retail landscape.

When it comes time to create stunning websites and marketing materials, our team uses elements from your book’s style guide to create cohesive marketing collateral that is unique to you and your title.

Cover Design

You can judge a book by its cover, and readers will. A cover represents the first opportunity to establish the authority of your content and sell to your target market, and a successful book cover will resonate with the core content and complement the genre as well.

APG’s designers work closely with our production editors to create cover concepts that capture each book’s meaning and attract its ideal reader. For business and sponsored titles, we’ll work within corporate and brand style guides to create a compatible tool to help grow your client base.

Interior Page Layout and Typesetting 

An intuitive interior design helps the reader move comfortably through your content, gives emphasis to important textual elements, and creates an organization that supports the overall goals of the book.

Our design team’s experience in multiple genres—from picture books to business titles to cookbooks—allows us to think outside the box when it comes to interiors, and our production editors will work directly with you to ensure we produce a layout that best represents your content.


Whether you’re presenting findings from a case study or are looking to creatively display a concept, our design team has the expertise to transform quantifiable evidence into easy-to-comprehend visuals that fit seamlessly into your interior design.


The APG team has curated a database of more than 200 exceptionally talented traditional and digital illustrators. Experienced in working with both children’s and adult titles, our illustrators work with a variety of art styles, finishes, and textures. To decide what style best matches your vision, review a collection of sample illustrations here.

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