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Amplify Publishing Group is a leading independent hybrid publisher with twenty years of experience producing, marketing, and distributing high-quality print and digital books. Find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our process and services below.


What is Amplify Publishing Group’s publishing model?

APG is a hybrid publisher and home to six distinct imprints. Our model combines the creative control and high royalties of self-publishing with the high-quality book production, book marketing, and book distribution that has historically only been available to traditionally published authors. Our imprints all serve distinct missions and genres

Is Amplify Publishing Group better for established or new authors?

We publish both established and new authors under each of our six imprints.

We’re also at the center of an industry trend involving traditionally published authors seeking to take back greater control of their content and distribution, and hundreds of self-published authors have looked to APG for expertise in the areas of book productionbook marketing, and book distribution.

Does Amplify Publishing Group accept every manuscript it receives?

While our acquisitions editors read all submissions, they have a selection process and not all manuscripts are accepted for publication.

How do I submit my book for consideration?

To submit your book or proposal for consideration, please visit our submissions page.

How long does the submission process take? What about the full process?

Our submission process usually takes a few weeks. The process starts with one of our acquisitions editors reviewing your manuscript or proposal to see if it’s a good fit. If it is, they will reach out to schedule an initial phone call and discuss your book idea and goals in more detail. From there, they will potentially follow up with a formal proposal.

Once an author signs with us, the full timeline depends on the genre, production work needed, printer turnaround times, and book launch strategies.

What are the financial terms and associated costs of publishing with Amplify Publishing Group?

There are production- and service-related costs that each of our authors pay. These costs depend on various factors, including the level of publishing support required, the specifications of each book (i.e., hard case versus paperback, page count, trim size, print run size, etc.), and other associated factors.

Before determining a project’s specific costs, we learn about each submission and the author’s goals. If the project seems like a good fit, we will follow up with a customized proposal.

Do I need to copyright my work before submitting my manuscript?

No. Written work is immediately protected under copyright law without any registration. While a formal submission to the U.S. Copyright Office may provide additional copyright protection, it is not necessary. Learn more here.

Is my book considered self-published if I publish with Amplify Publishing Group?

No. APG titles are published under specific imprints and our publisher-specific ISBNs.

I’m interested in working with Amplify Publishing Group, but I’m not sure which imprint is best for my book. Can I still submit my manuscript or book idea?

Yes. Our acquisitions editors review all submission materials to determine which imprint suits your project.

Can I provide my own artwork or graphics?

Yes. If you have already hired an artist for your book and a sample page was approved during acquisition, an APG production editor will be able to provide you with technical and submission specifications to share with your outside team. Our graphic design team can review any artwork and graphics to provide feedback on the overall print quality.


How do I know my book’s marketing plan has been customized for me?

APG’s marketing managers will spend time getting to know you and your book and will use their industry knowledge and experience to create a marketing campaign that is just for you. Our custom marketing materials will be created from scratch to match your book’s branding, and our outreach efforts are always dependent on a book’s topic and target market, the news cycle, and the author’s individual goals.

I’ve written a book, but I have a PR or marketing team already. Will Amplify Publishing Group work with my existing team?

Yes. Amplify Publishing Group is happy to customize a marketing plan that fits in with any ongoing efforts to market your book. All we ask is that, during your book’s production process, you inform us who we will be working with on marketing and what role they will play so that we can connect with your team and create an accurate marketing plan.

Where does Amplify Publishing Group distribute its titles?

Amplify Publishing Group has relationships with the leading online and physical bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, independent bookstores, warehouse clubs, airport shops, grocery stores, collegiate bookstores, independent and chain gift stores, hospitals, museums, and more.

If I publish through Amplify Publishing Group, will my book be available on shelves?

APG can only guarantee that books will be made available for sale online. However, we have well-established relationships with major industry distributors, including Ingram, and brick-and-mortar bookstores throughout the country, which gives our authors an advantage when looking to secure in-store shelf placement.

How many copies of my book will Amazon and the other retailers and distributors order?

There is no set number of copies a retailer or distributor will order for their inventory. Amazon and other retailers and distributors take a few considerations into account when determining how many copies of a book to order. These factors include online listing traffic, preorders and independent sales forecasting, and secured media.


If you have additional questions, please visit our contact page or call us at (703) 437-3584.

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