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Turn Heads with Informative, Branded Marketing Collateral

We want every book under the Amplify Publishing Group umbrella to reach its full potential, and creating effective marketing materials is the first step. Succinctly conveying the title information retailers, media, and consumers need to know, our marketing collateral offers authors the assets they need to share information about their book quickly and professionally.


A functional, well-designed website is essential to build a powerful author platform. If you have an existing website, APG’s design team can work with your web development team to add content about your book while keeping your messaging consistent. If you’re starting from scratch, our experienced web writers and developers will work closely with you to craft content that positions your book effectively to your target market.

Electronic Press Kit

An electronic press kit (EPK) tells media outlets, reviewers, and retailers everything they need to know about an author and their book. From biographical details about the author and retail information about the book to subject matter expertise and past media coverage, APG’s professional EPKs help a book receive the attention it deserves.

Press Release

Whether it’s being distributed to Cision’s US1 National Newsline or shared directly with targeted contacts, APG will draft a press release announcing the publication of your book. More importantly, we craft press releases with our author for their own distribution and use.


Sharing original content—whether on a personal or professional blog, LinkedIn, or in reputable outside publications—gives you the opportunity to reach readers on a more personal level without trying to sell them something. APG will formulate your content plan and advise on best practices. If you need an extra set of hands, we’ll work with a ghostwriter to draft, edit, and schedule content placement on your behalf, helping you reach potential readers and build your brand.

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