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A book Idea Is Just the Beginning 

Writing begins with an idea. Some authors view publishing as a way to share their storytelling talents; others seek to establish or enhance their expertise on a subject. In some cases, a book is part of a larger business plan, or even the business plan itself. Whatever your idea and whatever your motivation, solidifying a manuscript is a critical step.

At Amplify Publishing Group, our acquisitions editors carefully evaluate each submission—whether it’s a synopsis, outline, or completed manuscript—and provide a thoughtful, informed review of the work. They’ll provide editorial recommendations and will work with you to determine the best path forward.

No matter where you are in your writing process, APG has the editorial resources to take your work to the next level. Let’s start the conversation. If you have a partial or completed manuscript, an outline, or the makings of a book idea, please fill out our submission form.

Copyediting & Proofreading

If your content is streamlined but needs some help at the line level, our copyeditors will work with you (or a ghostwriter) to proofread your manuscript, including polishing your syntax and correcting any typos, sentence structure, or grammar errors.

Developmental Editing

If you’re confident in the structure but aren’t so confident about the way your language works on the page, we can provide line-level editorial services to help you improve the flow of your work and make your story shine.

Content Editing

Sometimes, manuscripts containing strong concepts need a more defined style, structure, or organization. To make your book as clear and authoritative as it can be, the APG team will look to our network of content editors to help make structural changes, including reorganizing, expanding, or condensing sections of the manuscript to get to the core of your message.

Writing Coach

For some authors, it’s not a matter of finding the time to write—it’s finding the way to write. If that’s the case, APG will pair you with an experienced writing coach to guide you through the process. Your coach will help you refine your concept, create a comprehensive table of contents or outline, establish a clear writing schedule and complete chapter-by-chapter reviews as you work toward a complete, polished manuscript.


For many authors, time is the most elusive commodity. If you have a concept, synopsis, or outline but aren’t able to write the book in its entirety, APG will pair you with a dedicated ghostwriter who will transform your concept and capture the heart of your message. We work with ghostwriters in every genre who craft compelling manuscripts.


If your book needs a comprehensive list of its topics and key concepts, APG’s production team will source a qualified indexer to help readers get the most of your book.

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