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What Is A Hybrid Publisher?

What is Hybrid Publishing

One of the fastest growing areas within the publishing industry, hybrid publishing combines elements of traditional publishing with self-publishing. As a groundbreaking hybrid publisher, Amplify Publishing Group offers a full range of professional publishing services while allowing authors to retain intellectual and creative control over their work.

To offset the up-front financial investment by the author, hybrid publishers offer a higher royalty rate than traditional publishers. At APG, we pay one of the highest royalty percentages in the business at 85% and provide distribution and marketing services designed to maximize visibility and sales potential.

The APG Difference

With twenty years of experience, APG maintains the highest industry and ethical standards to support authors at every step of the production, marketing, and distribution processes, and produces quality books that are on par with traditional New York houses.

APG has a strong commitment to helping get those books into readers’ hands. Other benefits of APG’s process include speed-to-market (our average timeline is about half that of traditional publishers) and retention of all intellectual property rights and creative control by the author.


Amplify Publishing Group meets the Independent Book Publishers Association’s (IBPA) nine criteria to be considered a hybrid publisher, including:

  • Vetting submissions
  • Ensuring editorial, design, and production quality
  • Publishing to industry standards
  • Providing distribution services
  • Paying authors a higher-than-standard royalty rate, in exchange for the author’s personal financial investment

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