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Capture Attention with Tailored Marketing and Publicity Campaigns

Successfully marketing a book can be difficult, even for veteran authors, and it’s important—now more than ever—to develop a thoughtful, detailed marketing plan for a book’s launch and beyond. From distribution-only engagements to robust rollouts, Amplify Publishing Group offers a variety of marketing services designed to increase the visibility of your book and support your personal marketing efforts.

Author Platform Development

An author platform—the collection of channels through which an author connects with their audience and potential readers—is an essential component of book marketing. While the most successful platforms are built organically over time, APG’s work puts debut authors ahead by giving them a uniform brand presence from the start. Our team develops visually cohesive social media assets, book landing pages, press kits, sell sheets, and newsletter templates—all based on our authors’ needs.

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Pitching

APG has connections with bookstores throughout the United States, from Barnes & Noble locations to independent shops, and proactively pitches to individual buyers on behalf of our titles. We work to secure signings, readings, and appearances—both virtual and in-person—for our authors in the areas where we think a book will perform best.

New Media and Traditional Press

APG’s marketing managers collaborate with our authors to identify local, trade, and national outlets as well as blogs, podcasts, and influencers who might be interested in covering a book’s publication or the author’s story. Our team crafts custom pitches based on our knowledge of the media contact and consumers in an effort to secure general coverage, publicity, or placement of an author’s latest article.

Consumer and Trade Reviews

In addition to pitching to genre-specific book reviewers and influencers, APG works with NetGalley and Goodreads to secure consumer reviews and build buzz before a book’s publication date. And with the required lead time, APG can submit your book to some of the most notable trade publications in the publishing industry, such as Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and Foreword Reviews.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is vital to engage existing audiences and attract new readers. Our marketing managers work with our authors to establish a branded social media presence. Through strategic evaluation of existing platforms, creation of new profiles as needed, design of eye-catching graphics, and suggestions for book launch-related posts, APG authors are given all the tools they need to flourish in today’s social media world.


The APG team executes pay-per-click digital ad campaigns to attract potential customers. Amazon ads help the book appear in related searches based on a list of curated keywords, as well as on the listings of similar, popular titles. In addition, cutting-edge Facebook and Instagram advertising methods are utilized to build anticipation for the book’s publication.

Book Awards

The literary world is full of reviewers and prizes, but there are several top-tier outlets that can only be reached through the support of a publisher. Amplify Publishing Group has access to a variety of genre-specific awards and submits titles each year for consideration.

Network Activation

Your personal, professional, and industry relationships are a vital marketing tool, and APG works with our authors to activate their existing networks in support of their book. We aim to drive purchases, encourage review, and navigate already-existing relationships to secure impactful media coverage and features.

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