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Top-tier Print and Digital Books

A well-constructed, accessible book is essential to achieving meaningful retail distribution. Amplify Publishing Group offers a variety of publishing services, from high-quality printing to eBook conversions to professional audiobooks.


APG partners with top-tier printing presses. Our books are printed in offset and high-end digital runs using premium materials, resulting in physical books that rival the quality of traditional publishing houses.

Our team is able to accommodate almost any size, page count, paper type and weight, printing and binding type, and cover finishes. Our production and acquisitions teams monitor market trends and make specific recommendations based on your genre and content, ensuring the print edition of your book is just right.


Today’s readers are extremely mobile. Using the print book’s layout, the APG design team can format .epub and .mobi versions of your book and make them available worldwide on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.

If you’re looking to publish only in digital, you’ll have access to the same graphic design and editorial expertise as you would with a physical book and will receive a finished file ready for upload.


Ebooks aren’t the only way to reach the mobile reader—audiobooks are more prevalent now than ever. Whether you want to narrate your book yourself, need the help of an experienced producer or sound engineer to complete post-production work, or want to hire a professional voice actor, APG can help. When your audiobook is complete, we’ll upload it to Audible and Apple and get you set up for maximum royalty share.

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