The Leadership Mindset for Ultimate Performance

At small or large scale, most strategies fail to deliver on their intended purpose despite talented leadership, capable experts, and sophisticated approaches. Why is that? The short answer is: complexity.

Organizations are often more complex than they need to be. Complexity is a constant energy drain and a continuous distraction from what really matters, eating away at organizational performance and denying competent leaders and their teams the success they deserve.

How can you best turn the tide, once and for all? In Anti-Complex, business builder and master complexity warrior Rend Stephan outlines a unique path to battling and defeating the complexity monster. With wit and wisdom, Rend offers a compelling guide to the Anti-Complex mindset—and an accessible set of tools for leaders to achieve ultimate performance. Along the way, readers will unlearn misguided approaches and shed years of complex programming in order to take their organization to new heights.

Including novel, insightful, battle-tested, and impactful methods to becoming an effective leader—a Complexity Warrior—Anti-Complex is a comprehensive guide to dropping the complexity mindset today, in favor of a more resilient and successful tomorrow.

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“As someone who has invested years at the intersection of creative innovation and hyper-growth leadership, I’ve found that inspiring yet practical blueprints to effective entrepreneurship are hard to come by. With real-life anecdotes and intentional advice, Anti-Complex is a must-read that checks every box.”—Josh Linkner, five-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and venture capital investor

“Too many leaders fail to realize that complexity is the main impediment to unlocking the full potential of their organization. Anti-Complex does an outstanding job of explaining how to move beyond complexity to achieve the focus and, ultimately, the impact so essential to maximizing business performance and success.”—Jared Bennett Feiger, President and CEO, Porsche Consulting, Inc.

“I truly enjoyed Anti-Complex, as Rend clearly explains how we create or introduce complexity into organizations at strategy and operational levels, and then deploy expensive and endless resources to undo what we created. I found the book very unique and intriguing, with profound implications on how us leaders need to run our businesses.”—Ahmad Al Sa’adi, Senior Vice President, Aramco

“In a time where industries are rapidly changing, businesses must adapt or risk losing their competitive edge. Now more than ever, leaders would benefit from Rend’s engaging and widely applicable Anti-Complex mindset. Crossing the simplicity gateway enables change to happen and is an essential part of successful teamwork.”—David Pachter, nationally recognized CEO, leadership coach, and author of Remote Leadership

Rend Stephan

Business Builder and Global Performance Advisor

Rend is an engineer turned entrepreneur, turned management consultant, turned business builder and global performance advisor.

He has worked extensively with leaders and decision-makers across the world on their toughest leadership and performance issues, mostly related to complex and ambiguous strategies, organizations, and transformations.

Rend is building a digital technology group (via Arameic) where the Anti-Complex principles are put to practice in the growth and performance of the business. Via his firm, endCX, Rend also offers selective Anti-Complex engagements with leaders in order to affect radical changes in their mindsets and actions toward fighting and defeating complexity for ultimate leadership and organizational performance.

Rend has a MEng from Ecole Centrale in Paris, France, a MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia and London Business School in London, England. He has more than twenty years of senior client advisory roles across the world, most at the Boston Consulting Group out of BCG’s Sydney, Chicago, and Dubai offices. He now lives in Paris.