Anti-Complex: The Leadership Mindset for Ultimate Performance

At small or large scale, most strategies fail to deliver on their intended purpose despite talented leadership, capable experts, and sophisticated approaches. Why is that? The short answer is: complexity.

Organizations are often more complex than they need to be. Complexity is a constant energy drain and a continuous distraction from what really matters, eating away at organizational performance and denying competent leaders and their teams the success they deserve.

How can you best turn the tide, once and for all? In Anti-Complex, business builder and master complexity warrior Rend Stephan outlines a unique path to battling and defeating the complexity monster. With wit and wisdom, Rend offers a compelling guide to the Anti-Complex mindset—and an accessible set of tools for leaders to achieve ultimate performance. Along the way, readers will unlearn misguided approaches and shed years of complex programming in order to take their organization to new heights.

Including novel, insightful, battle-tested, and impactful methods to becoming an effective leader—a Complexity Warrior—Anti-Complex is a comprehensive guide to dropping the complexity mindset today, in favor of a more resilient and successful tomorrow.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-942-4
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