Driven by Compassion

8 Values for Successful Servant Leaders

Driven by Compassion: 8 Values for Successful Servant Leaders is a book based on the everyday, real-life successes and challenges of being a compassionate and loving leader. This type of leadership style is not about “hugs and kisses.” It focuses on living the eight core values of leadership that lead to greater fulfillment and engagement in your personal life, job, and career. Servant leadership ensures that a leader’s team members feel valued and heard, ultimately leading to higher levels of job performance and outstanding personal and organizational results. Most importantly, it is just the right thing to do as a thriving servant leader. David Zechman provides the knowledge leaders need to remember, renew, and refresh!

ISBN: 978-1-64543-667-6
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“David Zechman is the quintessential servant leader. I could not think of a better person to write this book or a better leader to learn from. You will love this book and benefit from the many lessons on servant leadership so wonderfully articulated in this narrative.”—Scott Maclellan, CEO, TouchPoint Support Services & Morrison Community Living

“I am excited for readers to experience Dave Zechman’s enthusiasm and talent for teaching in the pages of this book. Dave has demonstrated a lifelong learner mentality in his own life and encourages it with his approach to other leaders. He has extensive experience in leadership and has drawn on that experience to share the passion he has used to inspire others. I think you will find Dave’s genuine and sincere approach refreshing and enlightening.”—Lisa Reich, Coach Director (Account Leader), Huron Consulting Group

“I attended a recent webinar where David spoke to a group about leadership. His session was fantastic and well-received. I especially appreciated David’s perspective as a former hospital CEO speaking to a group of clinical risk and patient safety leaders. His presentation was a great reminder that we all should lead with love and compassion. Definitely recommend!”—Kathleen Pendleton, MS, MJ, CPHRM, CPPS, Director, Fair and Just Culture

“In the current environment of celebrity CEOs and raging debates over sky-high CEO pay, it’s time for a little humility around the CEO role. Dave Zechman provides a humble approach toward servant leadership in his forthcoming book. I strongly support Dave’s approach, which draws a clear path to success for those assuming the heavy responsibilities of leadership in today’s business world.”—Dave Frescoln, Retired Vice Chairman and CEO, Flint Group, and Former Board Chairman, McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital

“Leading with love and compassion—I have experienced how applying the eight value principles can transform an organization. David Zechman speaks to the heart of what drives greater engagement and sustainable success. The power of these principles can be profound for leaders, teams, and organizations who embrace and apply them.”—Jennifer Woods, Vice President of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer, McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital

“It is uncommon to find this style of leadership in the world of well-seasoned executives. Having led organizations for decades, David is not callused by the real problems that he has faced, but instead has used them to fuel his passion for people and their success.”—Jennifer Cavender, Founder and Business Advisor at Robin Advisors LLC, International Bestselling Author of When Love Speaks.

David Zechman

Nationally Acclaimed Public Speaker and Healthcare Leadership Consultant

David M. Zechman was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He obtained a bachelor of education from Miami University (Ohio) and a masters in public administration from Cleveland State University. David started his thirty-nine-year career in healthcare as a respiratory therapist and subsequently held leadership positions from supervisor to CEO in urban and rural Midwest hospitals. David has achieved the status of “Life Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.” Currently, David is a renowned public speaker and consultant and serves as an active member for both healthcare and non-healthcare not-for-profit boards.

David has been married for forty-five years to Rhonda, his high school sweetheart, and has two daughters, Audra and Alyssa, along with three granddaughters. David currently resides with Rhonda in Estero, Florida, and is active in his church.