The Business of Timeshares

Uncovering the Peaks and Valleys of an Enigmatic Industry

W.H. Campbell offers a unique view of the timeshare industry in The Business of Timeshares, as he is neither its friend nor foe, having owned timeshares over the last twenty years with a generally good experience. Before this book, most writers approached timeshares with a decidedly negative slant because it’s a common path with an easy story to tell—but one that rarely leads to any real solutions.

Mr. Campbell is or has been at one point a (1) multiple timeshare owner, (2) seasoned real estate investor, and (3) credentialed financial advisor. These points of view are examined in turn as he looks at the timeshare business model through different lenses.

The Business of Timeshares is the result of a revealing three-year dialogue between Mr. Campbell and timeshare industry senior executives. Through it, he shares his experience and provides new insights and perspectives from his personal observations, shedding light on the very questions the industry chooses not to answer.

This book fills a void with its balanced view of the timeshare industry for consumers. Even among upscale property developers outside the industry, little is actually known of timeshare inner workings due to their secretive, insular nature.

Campbell urges the timeshare industry to fundamentally transform itself so that it can be held in greater esteem by the consuming public and their financial advisors. He has found both the timeshare industry and the symbiotic industries spawning from it to be formidable, entrenched, and enslaved to their own coda.

Beyond these, the book explores the world of timeshares and the desired leverage that still exists for the suitable few, well-informed purchasers. Enjoy the journey!

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“Well written. Once I started reading the book, it was hard to stop. A person could buy this book at the airport bookstore and complete it by the end of the flight. What’s proposed could revolutionize the industry. It took at least one rebel to start his own firm in the brokerage industry and, over time, change that industry. For the timeshare industry, this book and its rebel author could be that pioneer.” —Sanford C., Senior Financial Advisor

“This is an extraordinary, unique, and captivating read! It’s written from a remarkably well-positioned point of view—informative, investigative, and even personal in readability! Who is thinking this way? It seems that the industry is not, and consumers have succumbed to the negative. Here is the tantalizing potential for entrepreneurial adventure!” —Barbara S., Vacation Homeowner & Disappointed Timeshare Owner

“I love my timeshare experiences but am disappointed by the lack of timely disclosure. Especially helpful is the one-page ‘Important Message’ repeated in the book. The author suggests timeshare companies adopt and provide it to buyers before hearing any presentation. They haven’t. But if accepted, it would have let buyers know ahead of time what the presentation will not cover. This, together with the author’s rather unique perspective, makes this a must-read!” —Sumana D., Worldwide Traveler & Timeshare Enthusiast

W.H. Campbell

Real Estate Investor and Financial Advisor

After a successful career as a naval officer, Mr. Campbell became intrigued with financial services where he served as a life insurance agent, financial advisor, and advisor in philanthropy. In doing so, he earned the advanced professional credentials held dear by the profession, focusing on retirement income planning, cash flow modeling, and estate distribution through philanthropy. However, his main passion was relatively simple: helping others discover ways to create multiple streams of predictable income in retirement, especially those increasing over time.

Throughout his multiple careers, Campbell invested in real estate, ultimately consolidating holdings in the Washington, DC, area, where he and his wife now live in a private enclave in a wooded setting, minutes from the White House. Leading up to his retirement, he discovered the pleasure of acquiring and enjoying multiple timeshare interests, which led him to a new passion—helping the consuming public peer behind the timeshare curtain, and revealing its secrets.