Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass

Does the thought of creating your own budget make your head spin? Do you know what a credit score is used for? Do you even give a sh*t? This book is for people who don’t but wish they did. Because, let’s face it, your parents aren’t going to foot the bill forever.

Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass will set you down the path to success without putting you to sleep. It’s the financial lecture you never bothered listening to. But luckily, financial advisor George Kroustalis has boiled down decades of experience into three simple chapters: Save, Spend, and Invest. You can’t screw that up.

There’s no Wall Street jargon to learn, no complicated formulas—just a few simple fundamentals. You’ll follow two characters, Jack and Jen, along their paths to success or failure. Whether you’re graduating high school, choosing a major in college, or entering the workforce, you’ll be able to face the future with a badass attitudeand the bank account to match.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-134-6
SKU: 08-295-01
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George Kroustalis

Wealth Advisor

George “G$” Kroustalis is a financial badass who has been managing money and helping clients secure their futures since 1997. He is a senior vice president, financial advisor at CAPTRUST, where he provides comprehensive wealth investment advisory services to high-net-worth families, private foundations, corporate executives, and business owners. He is also the founder of Project 10.10, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides young people with access to basic financial education.

George attended college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he received his Bachelor of Science in business administration and a degree in finance and international business. When he’s not working or educating a new generation of financial badasses, George enjoys traveling, attending concerts, and playing golf. He is a lover of both delicious food and wine.

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