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Boosting Author Visibility and Credibility: Unveiling the Power of Trade Reviews

In the world of book publishing, reviews from reputable trade publications can significantly enhance an author’s visibility and credibility. Not only do reviews from industry publications lead to increased attention, they give you immediate credibility and respect within the industry and with readers. In this blog, we will explore four exceptional book trade review sites that are highly regarded in the industry. These platforms offer authors and publishers the opportunity to have their books reviewed, helping them gain valuable exposure and recognition.

Let’s delve into the five key benefits of obtaining press and media coverage for authors.

  • Increased Visibility: Media and review coverage exposes authors and their books to a broader audience, helping them capture the attention of readers who may not have discovered the book otherwise. This heightened visibility opens up new avenues for connecting with potential fans and readers.
  • Credibility and Validation: Positive reviews or features in reputable media outlets add a layer of credibility and validation to the author’s work. With thought leadership books in particular, readers like to know that the content they’re about to purchase and engage with is valuable and effective in advance. Endorsements from established trade publications expedite this process, helping new books and authors without many consumer reviews or history establish their reputation and quality. 
  • Book Sales: Positive press coverage and media attention can significantly impact book sales. Reviews and features in influential publications can pique readers’ interest, leading to increased book purchases and wider distribution. 
  • Industry Recognition and Awards: Well-regarded trade publications often feature books that stand out in terms of quality, originality, or impact. Being reviewed and recognized by these publications increases an author’s chances of receiving industry awards or nominations, further solidifying their position within the literary landscape. Such accolades can open doors to new opportunities, including speaking engagements, literary festivals, or collaborations with other authors.
  • Distribution: Media coverage can open doors to new distribution channels. When a book receives positive reviews or features in reputable media outlets, it gains credibility and validation. This, in turn, attracts the attention of distributors and retailers who are more likely to stock and distribute books that have garnered positive press.
  • Media Exposure and Interviews: Quality reviews often lead to media exposure, providing authors with opportunities for interviews, features, or guest appearances. These interactions allow authors to share their journey, insights, and the story behind their book—giving followers and readers a look beyond the content itself.

Now, let’s explore four trade review sites and how authors can utilize them to maximize their book’s visibility and impact:

  • Kirkus: Kirkus Reviews is one of the most well-known and respected trade publications in the book industry. With appropriate lead time, publishers can submit books from all genres to Kirkus for review consideration. It’s incredibly competitive to earn a review from Kirkus, but if you do, you’re guaranteed to impress others in the book industry. In addition to their submission option,  Kirkus offers a convenient online platform for indie authors to submit their books for review. For a small fee, authors can submit their books directly, eliminating the need for physical copies to be mailed, and receive an honest, guaranteed review in return. To learn more about Kirkus and their indie review process, visit their website.
  • Foreword Reviews and BlueInk Review: Foreword Reviews, a prominent book review magazine, offers multiple options for authors seeking reviews. Authors can submit their books for editorial reviews, although acceptance is not guaranteed, or request a paid review. Either way, the author will receive high-quality, honest feedback in return on their work.For more information about these review options, visit the Foreword Reviews website.
  • Publishers Weekly: Publishers Weekly, another renowned trade publication, primarily prefers submissions from publishers. PW is one of the most competitive trade reviewers within the industry, so always check with your publisher at least four months in advnace of your publication date to see if your book has been submitted for consideration. However, authors have had some success submitting their books independently as well,  the paid option called BookLife. For more information about BookLife and their review submission guidelines, visit the BookLife website: Additionally, Publisher’s Weekly offers a non-paid, editorial option called GalleyTracker, reserved exclusively for publishers.
  • Booklist and Library Journal: Booklist and Library Journal are prestigious trade publications known for their formal and selective review processes whose primary audience is librarians. Unlike the previously mentioned platforms, these publications exclusively accept books from publishers. Authors can engage submission services to handle the process, which typically involves shipping physical copies of the book to both BookList and LibraryJournal, but they must submit their books through their publishers.

Elevating Your Book’s Visibility and Success

Obtaining reviews from prominent trade publications is an excellent way for authors and publishers to gain exposure and media attention for their books. The review sites mentioned—Kirkus, Foreword Reviews, BlueInk Review, Publishers Weekly, Bookkist, and Library Journal—all offer unique opportunities for authors to have their books reviewed by qualified individuals. By carefully considering each platform’s submission process and requirements, authors can make informed decisions about which sites align best with their goals and target audience. Regardless of the chosen platform, these trade reviews can significantly contribute to an author’s visibility, credibility, and overall success.

The benefits of this type of coverage also extend beyond the initial review, often leading to increased book sales, audience expansion, and industry recognition. Engaging with these trade review sites opens doors to new opportunities and establishes a strong presence within the literary world. As authors navigate the publishing landscape, harnessing the power of press and media becomes an essential component of their promotional strategy. Embracing these trade review platforms is a crucial step toward achieving recognition and success in the competitive world of publishing.

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