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Your Savvy Guide to Getting Started with Instagram

Not only has Instagram hit over one billion users, but it has become a bookish hub for authors and readers (they’re called #bookstagrammers). With creative visuals of your book, punchy captions, and consistent posting, you’re bound to gain loyal followers and expand your readership. Why use Instagram to enhance your author brand? Instagram is the […]

Anne C. Scardino

Thinking Outside of the Box—Hybrid Publishing

Anne C. Scardino shares how she got her who-done-it mystery suspense novel, A Tangled Affair, published when the traditional way failed. I vividly remember typing the last sentence of my novel. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes wide to hold back the tears. Years of work had come to completion, but little […]

Guest Post from Glenda Winders on Developing Characters

When I was still teaching college-level writing classes, I never allowed my students to use words such as “beautiful,” “wonderful” or “interesting” that would otherwise have filled their essays. These adjectives are overused, but they are virtually meaningless. A landscape can only be called “beautiful” if people observe it together. A reader wouldn’t know whether […]

The Inside Scoop to Getting Testimonials

Testimonials can be some of the first words a consumer reads when picking up a book. These book blurbs serve as a way for readers to get immediate access to a book’s praise directly on the front and back cover, rather than having to search for them online. But how do authors get these endorsements […]

Tips and Tricks to Finding Your Reviewers

You’re eagerly waiting for that five-star review to show up on your listing. But why wait? It can sometimes take a while for reviews to start rolling in, and you don’t want your listing to look empty until then. If you’re in this position, well, it’s go-time to find the reviewers yourself! Read some of […]

why you need an Amazon Author Central profile

You’re almost there. Your Amazon listing is officially live and ready to be shared, but the word on the street is that you need to set up an Amazon Author Central page too. Isn’t it enough to just sell your books through Amazon? Not quite. An important rule of bookselling is: if there’s ever an […]

5 Ideas to Sell Your Books Fast

You’re ready to sell all your books in our warehouse as fast as possible, but you’re in a marketing rut. It happens to all of us, especially when it’s been a few years since the book’s release. But don’t fret because we laid out five marketing strategies to get you back on track!  Read more […]

Answering Your Most Burning Questions

It’s totally normal to come into the publishing industry with a hundred questions. There’s a lot to know! But at Mascot, we work diligently with our authors to give them all the information they need throughout the entire publishing process. As a reference, our departments answered some of the most commonly asked questions that we […]

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid Publishing can be quite an enigma. That’s because there wasn’t really a universal definition up until three years ago. In 2018, the IBPA Advocacy Committee couldn’t identify the differences between a self-publishing service provider and a hybrid publisher, and so they developed nine hybrid publishing standards to give a definitive definition.  Now there are […]

Capitalizing on National Financial Literacy Month

There’s no better time to brush up on your financial smarts than during Financial Literacy Month! Whether you’re fresh out of college or getting ready for retirement, it never hurts to reflect on your savings and spending. We assembled some of our informative, accessible, and easy-to-understand financial books for those looking to find lifelong financial […]

What Makes a Good Interior Design? What to Expect During the Design Process

Once the writing and editing of your book have been completed and a cover concept selected, the next step is solidifying an interior design. Though interior design may seem straightforward, the process is far more intentional than simply placing words onto pages and starting the presses. A strong interior design should always complement the cover […]

From One Author to Another on the Writing Process

All authors have some kind of writing process: what happens in between writing that first sentence and sending the manuscript off to the publisher. Some might write addictingly for a few days and others might write over the course of a few years. Regardless of the time frame, every author needs somewhere to start and […]

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