Winning the Mental Game: The Playbook for Building Championship Mindsets

Winning the Mental Game is a playbook that allows high performers to lay the foundation for mental performance needed to accomplish their biggest goals while finding deep satisfaction along the journey.

From the Locker Room to the Board Room, delivering consistent performance excellence is one of the most desired yet elusive measures to attain. The human brain is an often untapped and unrealized source of energy, efficiency, and effectiveness that can help synergize people, purpose, and systems to achieve sustainable excellence.

In Winning the Mental Game, performance coach Dr. Amber Selking reveals the powerful science behind her Championship Mindset Training program and recounts real-life stories of how her clients reached new heights of achievement. From implementation with the Notre Dame Football team to Fortune 500 companies to a nonprofit in South Africa, the mental plays within her program have provided training that has helped individuals and groups build a solid foundation from which they can chase their personal and professional goals with a sense of clarity and emotional stability.

Sequential by intent and confirmed through years of application, Winning the Mental Game describes the eight foundational mental plays in this playbook, explaining how your brain works, how it impacts performance, and how you can find your next layer of greatness. It will provide specific Championship Mindset Training that will allow you to navigate the demands of high performance and everyday life itself, and build your own Championship Mindset.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-618-8
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