Mastering the Art of Changing Minds

We’re told you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

But what if you could?

Having spent more than twenty years helping Fortune 500 brands and leaders take on changes instead of avoiding them, Michael McQueen gets what it takes to change even the most stubborn minds.

But persuading others is becoming more difficult. In our ideology-driven and polarized age, certainty has supplanted curiosity and open-mindedness has succumbed to obstinance.

Referencing the latest research in disciplines from neuroscience to behavioral economics, McQueen suggests that we rely on nineteenth- and twentieth-century techniques to change twenty-first-century minds—then wonder why it’s not working. What we need are new ways to realize what it actually takes to influence others.

Whether you are a leader trying to help your team stay competitive, a businessperson who needs a potential partner to understand your value proposition, or a parent who wants your teen to get away from their screen, Mindstuck will show you how to persuade even the most mindstuck people in your life.

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