Create the Future

Powerful Decision-Making Tools for Your Company and Yourself

Create the Future is the essential leadership handbook for high-performance companies.

When facing a critical decision, not every company can hire a consultant like McKinsey or Deloitte. When you have a great opportunity or face a challenging threat, Create the Future (CTF) gives you the tools you and your leadership team will use for making critical decisions without a hefty price tag.

Rick Williams has been a management consultant, company founder, and CEO. He has worked with large international companies, nonprofits, early-stage growth companies, and large government agencies. Drawing on his broad expertise and first-hand observations of top executives in action, Create the Future is the essential guidebook for leaders when they must make difficult decisions that will determine their organization’s future.

This book defines the five steps to creating the future:

  1. Define the challenge
  2. Imagine success
  3. Create options
  4. Evaluate barriers
  5. Choose the future

Each chapter includes a structured process of leadership team whiteboard exercises bringing forward the best available information and the full spectrum of views and insights. Create the Future is a practical handbook for leaders who believe you create the future by the choices you make and who want a step-by-step process for defining the path to success that best matches your goals, risk tolerance, and values.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-913-0
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Rick Williams

Corporate strategy and Leadership Expert

Rick Williams is an internationally published author. He is a frequent speaker and writer on best practices for leadership and decision-making.

Williams began his career as a physicist developing space- and defense-related systems. After Harvard Business School, Williams joined the global consulting firm Arthur D. Little, Inc., where he worked on business strategy and acquisitions and the economic and strategic impact of government policy and regulations on a broad spectrum of industries. He then founded and served as CEO of The Equity Company, an award-winning real estate investment and development firm.

Williams’ recent work includes serving on the board of directors of technology companies. He has served as board chairman of a medical device company and a bank/venture capital firm. He has also served on the national board for the Private Directors Association and as president of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston and other nonprofit boards. Williams is an honors physics graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a winning sailboat racer, and an avid photographer.