The Profit Culture Formula: The Blueprint to Successfully Recruit, Retain, and Inspire Business Professionals

Company culture is the foundation to business success. Culture drives recruiting, retention, and, ultimately, profit. Yet, few companies have an actionable strategy in place to build, support, and shape an intentional culture that will drive an organization’s personality.

A growing trend in today’s workforce is the free-agent mindset. Free-agent employees, with their increased mobility and autonomy, tend to migrate from company to company in search of the right fit. With constant change and little consistency, it’s no wonder a sense of culture and togetherness is hard to pin down.

Most business owners never stop to ask a simple but important question: what would motivate someone with this free-agent mindset to stick around?

This is where culture comes in.

By having an engaging and pervasive company culture, those free-agent employees stick around longer. Less churn, better people, higher profits. The formula is simple.

By using real-world examples and outlining an actionable strategy, The Profit Culture Formula is your essential blueprint to creating an outstanding company culture and ultimately, greater overall profit.

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