Delivering the Digital Restaurant

Your Roadmap to the Future of Food

The omnichannel disruption that upended retail has finally come to the restaurant industry. Restaurateurs must shift how they think, behave, and invest to survive and thrive. Today’s consumers are well-conditioned in their expectations: they want the same tech-savvy, on-demand, and frictionless interactions with restaurants that they get in every other vertical.

If you think your 1,000-unit restaurant chain is too big to fail, remember that 1,000-unit Sears closed nearly all of its stores after it filed for bankruptcy in February 2019.

If you think your local family independent restaurant is too beloved to fail, remember the Amazon effect changed the face of main street and traditional retailing.

Delivering the Digital Restaurant explores the massive disruption facing American restaurants through first-hand accounts of food industry veterans and start-up entrepreneurs innovating the future of food. Combining sociological observations, rich industry data, and insider knowledge, Delivering paints a picture of how food is evolving and how you as a leader, owner, or operator can successfully innovate and meet the new consumer demands to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

Those who understand this digital disruption will be better positioned to embrace the innovation that consumers are demanding. Those who resist will surely be left behind.

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“It’s time for every restaurant to evolve beyond their four walls. Sandland and Orsbourn explain why consumers are demanding improved off premise convenience and how technology is enabling new ways to interact with food. As an owner, executive, investor, or general manager, this is a must-read.”—Greg Creed, Former CEO, Yum! Brands

“The next frontier for restaurants is to expand hospitality through technology. This book reads as a how-to guide for restaurateurs looking to apply technology to benefit the consumer, not just tech for the sake of tech.”—Danny Meyer, CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group; Founder, Shake Shack

“Any aspiring or current leader in the food industry will love Delivering the Digital Restaurant. It will help you build your unique vision for how a restaurant wins in the years ahead.”—Kat Cole, Former President, Focus Brands

Delivering the Digital Restaurant illuminates the impact of evolving consumer behavior and expectations on the restaurant industry and how entrepreneurs are leveraging technology to reimagine the restaurant of the future.”—Eurie Kim, Managing Director and Investor, Forerunner Ventures

“What an informative and cutting-edge read. The industry has never had a book like this: the business of restaurants. If you’re in the restaurant industry, it could be the most important book you ever buy."—Betsy and Matt Borland, Founders and Owners of East End Tap and Table in Lexington, Kentucky

Meredith Sandland

Author, Advisor, Consultant, and Founder at Learn.Delivery

Meredith Sandland spent two decades in consulting, corporate strategy, and restaurant development. After building 1,000+ restaurants as the Chief Development Officer at Yum! Brands’ Taco Bell, Meredith observed that the on-demand economy was starting to affect restaurants. Meredith joined ghost kitchen start-up Kitchen United as employee #4 to create their business model, raise initial capital, and serve as the public face of the GV (Google Ventures)-backed disruptor. Meredith lives in Orange County, California, with her three favorite guys: husband, Scott; son, Lincoln; and dog, Kobe.

Carl Orsbourn

Author, Advisor, Consultant, and Founder at Learn.Delivery

Carl Orsbourn led BP-owned ampm and its billion-dollar grab-and-go food and beverage offering across the brand’s 1,000+ convenience retail locations. At BP, Carl obsessed over consumer convenience and transformed ampm’s fresh food offerings to deliver record growth. In 2018, Carl joined Kitchen United to lead Operations, working with restaurant brands to reinvent an operating system that capitalized on the rapidly changing face of food delivery. Carl, his wife Elicia, and their two cats, Positano and Ravello, live in Orange County, California.