Stories from the Sales Field

Navigating a Sales Career in a Post-Pandemic World

Salespeople are failing to deliver because they don’t know how to succeed in the world of twenty-first century selling. After thirty years of training sales superstars, Denise Horan knows the secrets of sales success for today’s stressed, time-starved sales professionals.

Timely and engaging, Stories from the Sales Field: Navigating a Sales Career in a Post-Pandemic World presents real stories from top sales performers that reveal what happens on the road. Readers will discover the secrets that led to their success, including building strong relationships, engaging their communities, cultivating a large network of referrals, and more. The best sales professionals are resilient and will take these skills to the virtual sales world as well.

Including accessible and actionable sales lessons and tips, Stories from the Sales Field is the ultimate guide to becoming the most competitive salesperson—today.

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"There are many authors who have written books based upon theory, yet Denise Horan has written a book based upon her actual experiences. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, step-by-step, successful strategy to guarantee your success in sales, look no further! Denise’s hands-on approach offers a proven path to success!”—Willie Miranda, Author, Real Estate Broker, and Owner of Miranda Real Estate Group 

“A great read that weaves real-life examples into the message of sales. If you are just starting out in the sales game or are a veteran salesperson, Denise’s book holds gems that will be sure to help your career.”—Jim Sweet, Regional Sales Manager, Graybar 

“The lessons Denise threads into the stories make the pages come alive. This is a perfect sales book for my students, young sales professionals, and veteran sales professionals, all the way up to CEOs. Can’t wait to have my students read this book and incorporate the lessons into their sales management and personal selling classes!”—Mark Michalisin, Sales Professional in Residence, Huether School of Business Sales Program at The College of Saint Rose 

"Denise Horan is one of the most knowledgeable sales professionals I have had the privilege of knowing. She has provided guidance and coaching to salespeople and has helped local companies align their goals with the expectations they have of their sales organizations. Denise’s recommendations will be reminders of best practices and guide their performance to growth.”—Cindy Applebaum, Market President and Publisher, Albany Business Review

"Denise’s contribution to the average Joe salesperson is unforgettable. Her unassuming style helps non-sales types to relax and be themselves while still valuing their own contribution to whatever growth goal they have.”—Lauren Groff, CEO, Groff NetWorks

Denise Horan

Sales Coach

For the last three decades, Denise Horan’s career has revolved around sales, from sales professional, to Sales Manager, to VP Sales, to Sales Consultant, to Sales Trainer. She has been a valued consultant to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives, a Sales Trainer to great sales forces from all industries, and has coached top “rainmakers” in many professional organizations. She is the Founder of The Sales Performer’s Club and serves as the facilitator of The Circle Leadership Group. She surrounds herself with successful people and wants to share their secrets with readers.

Denise is also the Founder and Principal of Integrated Management & Sales Consulting, where she provides solutions to help organizations grow revenues, find new marketing opportunities, and develop effective sales and management leaders. Denise spends her time coaching entrepreneurs, training sales leaders, and teaching business development skills to attorneys and other non-sales professionals. For more than twenty years, Denise’s passion and motivation for coaching, consulting, and training for growth and productivity have helped many professionals grow and succeed.

Denise is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology; she also earned a Master of Business Administration from the University at Albany.

She resides in Upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and dog.