She Is Uncompromising

A Christian Woman’s Guide to Mastering Motherhood, Business, and Everything in Between

Christian, wife, mom, businesswoman—you really can (and should!) have them all, happily

Women are constantly told to sacrifice ambition in order to have the rich family life that we all deserve. That’s a lie.

When we quietly accept this lie, we kill an important part of ourselves and our destiny. We compromise who we are until we end up unhappy and failing to fulfill God’s plan for our lives.

As the host of top business podcast Blessed + Bossed Up and CEO of Anchored Media, Tatum Temia Ayomike—an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and devout Christian—has created a community of businesswomen who refuse to settle for less than total life success.

She Is Uncompromising reveals the hard-won lessons and spiritual truths that can help all women take control of their lives. Filled with poignant scriptures, intimate stories, and practical exercises, it is a must-have blueprint for building an unbreakable foundation of faith, family, and abundance.

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She Is Uncompromising is a transformational book that teaches women how to achieve the promise of life more abundantly. Chapter by chapter, it guided me to re-establish values that aligned with total life success in every sphere of my life. If you are wanting to walk in life more abundantly without burdens and burnout . . . this book is a must-have!”—Dr. Sharla Walker, Founder, Hearts over Habits, Inc.

“WOW! This book is life-changing! She Is Uncompromising lays out the blueprint for any woman desiring to experience the abundance God has for her and still prioritize values that align with the blessings God gives us, like family. This book is the STANDARD for creating life stewardship of your gifts and calling, balance and wellness, obedience, and all the challenges that come with that.”—Roslyn Postlewaite, LCSW, Host, Therapy as a Christian podcast

She Is Uncompromising is a reminder to all determined women around the world that God desires more for our lives than what we can imagine. When we compromise, we miss out on the very best life that God wants us to have. Tatum brilliantly provides practical stories, tools, and scriptures we need to identify our shortcomings and decide once and for all to be anchored in God—which ultimately allows Him to be the CEO of our lives.”—Kristen Hopkins, Founder, Dangers of the Mind

She Is Uncompromising teaches women that the word uncompromising is not synonymous with being selfish. Women everywhere are going to have a much better quality of life, with faith as the foundation, as the result of reading this book.”—Raevyn Hokett, Founder, Aundi Handbags

Tatum Temia Ayomike

Podcast Host and Entrepreneur

Tatum Temia Ayomike is the award-winning CEO of podcast marketing and production company Anchored Media and the host of the podcast Blessed + Bossed Up. She is also the author of Blessed + Bossed Up: Surrendering Your Ambition So God Can Have His WayGod Is My CEO: A Prayer Journal for Entrepreneurs; and Business Meetings with God: A 90-Day Devotional for Faith-Based Entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured in multiple online publications, and she was honored for her business and community work as a Top 30 under 30 in the Washington, DC, area.

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