Business Bullseye: Take Dead Aim and Achieve Great Success

by Jim Spurlino

From business owner and entrepreneur Jim Spurlino comes Business Bullseye, an effective and practical guide to leading small- to medium-sized businesses to success.

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” This is true of many facets of life, and jumpstarting a business is no exception. Though thousands of businesses are founded each year, many fail at the hands of owners who lack the focus or knowledge needed to prosper. That’s where Business Bullseye comes in.

From his years of launching, leading, and ultimately selling a successful business, Jim Spurlino knows that one of the most important facets of the process is identifying a specific target goal and prioritizing that target in every business decision.

Written for entrepreneurs from all walks of business and life, Business Bullseye provides the tools, insight, and guidance needed to launch your business to new heights. With a realistic perspective and accessible, clear advice, Spurlino outlines a variety of universal concepts that emphasize establishing a concise bullseye, and the necessary steps to taking dead aim and hitting it.

Punctuated by real-life stories, Business Bullseye entertains, inspires, and combines salient business lessons with spot-on advice from a successful entrepreneur, advice that will lead you and your business to hit the bullseye every single time.
ISBN: 978-1-64543-566-2


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