The Flagship Experience

How AI and Software-Defined Vehicles Will Revolutionize the Automotive Customer Experience

Trends such as urbanization, climate change, aging populations, and new work practices are starting to impact not only how we move and how we transport goods, but also the decisions we make about consumer transportation and logistics. The Flagship Experience discusses how Software-Defined Vehicles and AI will enable transportation providers, automakers, and transportation planners to reimagine the mobility customer experience, and presents a framework for implementing it. 

Software-Defined Vehicles will center the customer experience around the customer, not the vehicle. Combining AI with vehicles' big data generation, configurability, and updatability provides automakers with recurring customer-monetization opportunities. It impacts how automakers design, make, sell, and service vehicles; how transportation

and logistics providers maximize their vehicles’ utilization and improve the return on their investment; and how customers (both consumers and businesses) interact with the vehicle, the automaker, and numerous service providers. To succeed in making this shift, organizations will need to undertake important transformations. The Flagship Experienceanalyzes the approaches already taken and outlines additional ones that will be necessary.

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“Automobiles are an important part of our lives, yet we mostly leave them idle. With connectivity, electrification, and autonomous driving, our cars could always be ‘on’ like our mobile devices today. Today, we choose our cars based on design, comfort, quality, and the driving experience—areas incumbent automakers understand well. But will the time come when the software experience supersedes the physical experience as the customer’s primary consideration, and consequently the software brand identity overshadows the hardware’s? The automaker that balances the physical with the digital customer experience will likely prevail. The Flagship Experience offers a timely perspective.” —NEIL BROOKER, head of business transformation and foresight, BMW Designworks

“Software-Defined Vehicles are big data generators. The insights derived from this data can help automakers improve customer loyalty and monetization, and attract new customers. The Flagship Experience presents a comprehensive road map and easy-to-understand framework for achieving these goals. It should become an indispensable resource for every automaker and their partners.” —KISHOR PATIL, CEO of KPIT

“The Software-Defined Vehicle, enabled by AI, opens new ways for automakers to delight their customers. With the right service and business model, it can create additional revenue opportunities along the lifecycle. The Flagship Experience presents an easily digestible framework for the automotive industry to achieve the full potential of its digital technology investments.” —JONAS SEYFFERTH, director digital mobility at PwC Strategy&

“Automakers have gotten by for a century delivering incremental technological change on long product cycles, while outsourcing customer relations to dealers. That strategy is doomed. Evangelos Simoudis tells you why, and what legacy automakers must do to survive. Every business leader can learn from this.” —JOSEPH WHITE, global automotive correspondent, Thomson Reuters

“Similar to how the electric vehicle revolution became the mobility story of this decade, the Software-Defined Vehicle revolution will be the story of the next decade and beyond. It will get local, state, and federal governments to zero fatalities on their roadways and smart transit solutions to every city—big and small, rich and poor. The Flagship Experience eloquently articulates how the present will inspire the future, and how every citizen of humanity can benefit from this new technology.” —TREVOR PAWL, former chief mobility officer for the State of Michigan

Evangelos Simoudis

Mobility and Artificial Intelligence Expert

Evangelos Simoudis is a recognized expert on AI, big data, and new mobility. He has been working in Silicon Valley for thirty years as a startup founder and CEO, corporate executive, venture investor, and senior advisor to global corporations and governments. His firm, Synapse Partners, is investing in AI startups and advising senior management teams of large organizations on AI and new business models. In addition to being presented in several papers, the results of his work on new mobility have been published in two books: The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future and Transportation Transformation. He is a member of the California Institute of Technology’s (Caltech) Advisory Board, the Advisory Board of Brandeis International Business School, the Advisory Board of C2SMART (a US Department of Transportation Center of Excellence), and the Advisory Board of Securing America’s Future Energy. He earned a PhD in computer science from Brandeis University in machine learning and large databases and a BS in electrical engineering from Caltech.