The Restaurant Marketing Mindset

A Comprehensive Guide to Establishing Your Restaurant’s Brand, from Concept to Launch and Beyond

Restaurants have some of the highest failure rates of any industry, yet even worse is the high number of concepts that struggle just to break even. In The Restaurant Marketing Mindset, Chip Klose introduces a series of actionable frameworks to help operators and owners finally take control of their marketing strategies.

With more than twenty years of operational experience and an MBA in food marketing, Klose has the authority, experience, and track record needed to speak confidently on the subject. Each lesson builds on the previous chapter, giving the reader a step-by-step plan to attract more diners, retain those diners, and spark word of mouth with the ones who matter most.

This book is for any owner, chef, or operator who’s ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to marketing their restaurant.

Each chapter is filled with powerful insights to help you build a more profitable (and sustainable) business.

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“Few people in the world understand restaurants strategically—even fewer know how to leverage marketing effectively. Chip is one of them. The combination of practical and theoretical understanding offers unique insights.”—MARTIN LINDSTROM, New York Times bestselling author of Buyology and one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

“Chip has done it. He’s put a comprehensive, tactical strategy into digestible actions in an easy-to-absorb playbook. It’s a must-read book full of must-apply tactics for any restaurant leader.”—JOSEPH SZALA, founder of Vigor and author of The Bullhearted Brand

“I own restaurants in San Diego, and I am constantly looking to connect with the brightest minds in hospitality marketing. Chip has a top industry podcast and is asked to speak at all the top events because he is one of those minds. Chip is also a master of the craft of teaching storytelling to restaurant professionals. Reading this book will transform how you look at investing in marketing for your business!”—SHAWN WALCHEF, founder of Cali BBQ Media

“The reader benefits from Chip’s broad and extensive career and the subsequent lessons he learned—not only from his professional experience, but also from the coaching of owner/operators across the US. Knowing the purpose of the enterprise is central to success; Chip guides you through the process seamlessly.”—JAMES C. WILLIAMSON, PhD, LTC Hospitality Solutions Board of Directors

“Chip Klose has a ground-up understanding of restaurant operations. He has taken that experience—coupled with his uncanny ability to synthesize and simplify concepts and ideas into something that can be solved—and become a restaurant marketer of remarkable acumen. In this book you get both his experience and a pathway to marketing your concept.”—BRET CSENCSITZ, owner of Gotham New York

Chip Klose

Restaurant Coach and Podcast Host

Chip Klose is a New York City–based restaurant coach as well as the host of the Restaurant Strategy podcast. He’s amassed more than two decades of operational experience in the hospitality industry, opening Michelin-starred restaurants and collaborating with numerous James Beard Award–winning chefs. He is a contributing writer for Bar & Restaurantand travels the country as a noted public speaker, giving presentations on marketing, operations, technology, and more. He earned his MBA in food marketing from Saint Joseph’s University, where he frequently teaches as a guest lecturer.