Becoming Coachable

Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership and Life

Good leaders maintain steady teams, achieve reasonable growth, and are comfortable in their authority. But great leaders recognize that unparalleled success comes from always seeking to improve. The stakes of leadership are higher than ever, and operating with maximum effectiveness is not only desirable but also imperative.

What the world’s most influential leaders know is that the secret to achieving that effectiveness is becoming coachable. And in order to do so, one must be ready to engage in the process of betterment, starting with investing in yourself in order to give the most back to your organization, team, and the world.

That’s where executive coaching comes in. Imbued with decades of experience at the highest echelons of the industry, Becoming Coachable guides readers through the ins and outs of a successful coaching experience. The authors—two veteran coaching experts and the world’s #1 executive coach—identify key leadership archetypes and unpack the intricacies of a typical engagement. They demystify the coaching relationship and outline a framework that hinges on the openness integral to reaping the most from such an experience.

Most important, however, is the invitation this book contains to propel a leader’s impact far beyond themselves. Illuminating the road to wielding leadership powers in a way that lights the path for all, Becoming Coachable is an ultimately revelatory read that will inspire you to take steps toward becoming a better leader, collaborator, and human.

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Becoming Coachable is a leadership journey that guides and enables leaders to evolve toward humility, love, and service. In so doing, it fosters a flourishing ‘Working Together’ leadership management system, and its connected culture of love by design in their teams and organizations. This book is an important resource for all leaders focused on and committed to creating value for all the stakeholders and the greater good.”—Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford and Boeing Commercial Airplanes; named #3 on Fortune’s “World’s Greatest Leaders”

Becoming Coachable is a must-read for leaders seeking to embrace growth, adaptability, and success. With its actionable insights and powerful examples, this book will inspire you to unlock your full potential and lead with purpose, passion, and humility."—Hubert Joly, former CEO of Best Buy; named one of the best-performing CEOs in the world by Harvard Business Review

“Through its insightful exploration of the power of coaching, Becoming Coachable serves as a profound resource for leaders. It brilliantly connects the dots between being coachable and cultivating a flourishing professional and personal life. Anyone seeking to elevate their leadership can benefit from this comprehensive guide.”—Sally Helgesen, Forbes’ #1 Coach for Women Leaders; Thinkers50 Hall of Fame inductee

Becoming Coachable is an extraordinary guide that prompts a personal revolution. The journey this book takes you on is game-changing for leaders aspiring to flourish in their personal and professional lives.”—Martin Lindstrom, founder and CEO of Lindstrom Company; named one of TIME Magazine’s “World’s 100 Most Influential People;” New York Times bestselling author

“The authors have woven together a masterclass in personal transformation. Their step-by-step approach to embracing change, welcoming feedback, taking action, and holding oneself accountable is a pathway to extraordinary growth. If you are looking to unlock the full power of executive coaching and create a life of flourishing, this is a must-read.”—Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, cofounder of the Happiness Studies Academy; former Harvard University professor; internationally bestselling author

“Leadership is a journey of continuous learning, and Becoming Coachable is a valuable guide for that journey. The emphasis on creating flourishing environments is particularly timely and essential. It’s a refreshing perspective that every leader should embrace.”—Sanyin Siang, #1 coach; Thinkers50 2019 inductee; author of The Launch Book

Scott Osman

CEO, 100 Coaches

Scott Osman is the founder and CEO of the 100 Coaches Agency and codesigner of their proprietary curation process and the company’s relationship-first philosophy. In his role as CEO, he establishes the vision for the company, leads partnerships and business development, and serves as a leading light of the 100 Coaches Community, which he cofounded with Marshall in 2016. He is the cofounder of Methods by 100 Coaches, the online learning platform.

Jacquelyn Lane

President, 100 Coaches

Jacquelyn Lane is the president of the 100 Coaches Agency and codesigner of their proprietary curation process and relationship-first philosophy. She has been with the agency since its founding and is a critical pillar of the 100 Coaches Community. Jacquelyn comes to the world of executive coaching through her previous roles in the energy industry and lifelong commitment to improving the lives of all people by elevating the quality of leadership.

Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Executive Coach in the World and #1 New York Times bestselling author

Marshall Goldsmith is the founder of the Marshall Goldsmith Group and 100 Coaches. The inaugural winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and a Thinkers50 Management Hall of Fame inductee, he has advised more than 200 major CEOs and their management teams over the course of his career. A New York Times bestselling author, he is the author or editor of more than thirty-five books, including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.