Too Young to Be Old

How to Stay Vibrant, Visible, and Forever in Blue Jeans: 25 Secrets from TV's Jean Queen

Repeat after me: “Today is the youngest I will ever be. It’s time to embrace my radiant Act 3.”

If you’ve ever stopped believing in your dreams . . .
If you’ve ever said, “I’m too old. I’m too scared. I’ve made too many mistakes to get the life I want . . . ”
If you’ve ever felt underestimated, invisible, or irrelevant . . .

Jean Queen Diane Gilman has the electrifying life story and the empowering life lessons you need right now. Diane found her greatest success at age sixty, when she sparked a denim revolution: designing blue jeans for real women with real bodies. She’s sold nearly nineteen million pairs of her DG2 jeans on HSN and created a sisterhood of seven hundred thousand women who feel too young to be old.

With raw candor and humor, HSN’s top fashion star reveals how she turned personal heartbreak into trailblazing success—and how her struggle with breast cancer became her bridge to love. Diane’s twenty-five secrets for a vibrant, visible, relevant Act 3 will change your life.

Join Diane in her new mission, sparked by her DG2 sisters: “Let’s show the world how cool aging can be.”

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“In home shopping circles, Diane Gilman is the equivalent of Barbra Streisand: a legend, an above-the-marquee name.” —MICKEY BOARDMAN, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR OF PAPER MAGAZINE

“Diane Gilman shows women how to face life’s toughest challenges with honesty, strength, and optimism. Her positive attitude and unfailing belief in her healing were inspiring to me as her doctor, and all those around her.” —DR. ELISA PORT, CHIEF OF BREAST SURGERY AND DIRECTOR OF THE DUBIN BREAST CENTER AT THE MOUNT SINAI HEALTH SYSTEM

“Risk-taking and boldness are the essence of transformation—no matter what age you are. Diane’s life is a testimony to her boldness and her unwavering belief in her talent.” —MINDY GROSSMAN, FORMER CEO OF HSN

“Diane is the epitome of this adage: we age not by our years but by the stories we tell ourselves. So make the most out of your third act! Don’t waste another moment!” —LAN PHAN, CREATOR OF THE COMMUNITY OF SEVEN

“Born with dazzling talent, Diane shows women of all ages how to live with outstanding success and create trailblazing happiness.” —R. J. GRAZIANO, JEWELRY DESIGNER

Diane Gilman

Fashion Designer, TV’s “Jean Queen,” and Pro-Aging Advocate

Diane Gilman started designing clothes as soon as she could hold a crayon. She grew up in Los Angeles—a free spirit of the swingin’ ’60s, embroidering her blue jeans and energizing her creative soul by hanging out with the most talented musicians and poets of the time. Gilman’s career ignited when stars like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix began wearing her custom jeans. By 1974, her designs were featured in every major department store, and in 1994 she appeared on HSN, the Home Shopping Network, for the first time. Today, her DG2 line is the top-selling fashion brand on the network, with $100 million in sales per year. Gilman is known as the Jean Queen, because her age-defying designs have inspired women to live forever in blue jeans—and forever young.