Beyond High Performance: What Great Coaches Know About How the Best Get Better

In Beyond High Performance, Jason Jaggard, along with the coaches of Novus Global and the faculty of the Meta Performance™ Institute, take you behind the scenes to discover the coaching tools they use to help high performers reach higher.

Their extensive research shows there are two types of successful leaders and teams: those who achieve excellent results once and then plateau or decline, and those who repeatedly achieve them. Leaders who are able to continually and passionately learn new things and reach their goals do so not because they are necessarily better or have more resources, but because they decide to see the world differently

than others and develop a strong culture. Packed with takeaways obtained from a wealth of coaching and training with some of the most well-known leaders and companies in many domains, from sports and entertainment to government, business, and nonprofits, Jaggard will elevate the way you see yourself, the team around you, and your ability to succeed at what is most important to you.

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ISBN: 978-1-63755-496-8
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