How to Sell a Crapload of Books

10 Secrets of a Killer Author Marketing Platform

In How to Sell a Crapload of Books, Tim Vandehey, New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, and Naren Aryal, CEO and Publisher of Mascot Books, share 10 secrets about building a killer marketing platform that nobody else is talking about. We’re not talking commonplace, no-duh advice like “build your Twitter following” or “write a professional press release”, but straight talk like:

  • Start building your platform at least a year before your book comes out
  • Press releases are a waste of time; publicists are a waste of money
  • Half of your marketing opportunities come because someone finds you by accident
  • Forget the New York Times; focus on your local paper

Today, it being an author is about professionalism and determination, cleverness and creativity, technological savvy and old-fashioned hustle. If you want to sell books, get a publishing deal or even turn writing into a full-time career, you have to be a marketer, not just a writer. Let Tim and Naren show you how.

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Tim Vandehey

Journalist and New York Times bestselling author

Tim Vandehey is a journalist, columnist, and New York Times bestselling ghostwriter of more than sixty-five books across multiple genres from business to health. His work is featured in numerous magazines and publications and has garnered several awards. An author, blues singer, baseball fanatic, world traveler, and husband and father, Tim is a Californian rerooted in the Midwest.