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Frankie Russo

Technology and Media Executive

Frankie Russo is a visionary in innovation and authenticity. A serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for using authenticity and purpose to foster innovation, Russo has led multiple companies to remarkable growth, landing on the Inc. 500/5000 list 8 years in a row, including 60X growth of his tech company, culminating in acquisition by a Fortune 500 entity. He is the author of two bestselling books and a sought-after speaker known for transforming organizational cultures and inspiring individual and corporate innovation. His keynote experiences are tailored, impactful, and full of actionable insights for fostering a culture of authenticity, imagination, and purpose to unlock breakthrough innovation and extraordinary transformation.

Publication Date:February 1, 2022

Breaking WHY

Hacking and Rebuilding Strategic Emotions for Authentic Success

In this edgy follow-up to Frankie Russo’s The Art of Why, readers are asked to redefine their meaning of personal success in order to tap into a deeper and more meaningful definition of their purpose. Breaking WHY interrogates what our true WHY really is, and in the process, Russo adapts his earlier work and disrupts the rules he set for himself in order to more fully achieve authentic success. Sometimes, we have to shatter something in order to rebuild it.

This book breaks down the steps needed to achieve a more substantive version of ourselves, in both our personal lives and in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. By exploring the role that emotions can play in both hindering and empowering us, Russo ultimately argues that pursuing a singular, self-driven “I” is the ultimate misinterpretation of success. A champion of authenticity and a proponent of harnessing “strategic emotions,” Russo aims to debunk the common conception that emotions are anathema to having a successful life. Using the tools and hacks in Breaking WHY, people from all walks of life will come to realize that it can be just as important to break the rules as it is to make and follow them.

Publication Date:January 8, 2024

Breaking WHY – Paperback

Hacking and Rebuilding Strategic Emotions for Authentic Success

In his provocative reinterpretation of his previous book, The Art of Why, Frankie challenges us to redefine our definitions of what individual success means for each of us. Russo argues that it is essential to dig deep to discover a more substantive image of what our purpose is. Breaking WHY questions our motivations and rationales, and in doing so, Russo disrupts the rules so that we can attain a level of success that is based on real principles and strategic emotions. In life, at times we have to break something for us to be able to reconstruct it.

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