Running Out of Time: Wildfires and Our Imperiled Forests – Hardcover

Of the countless natural disasters that occur on our planet, wildfires are the singular calamity that is controllable—and often, able to be anticipated. Claiming the lives of many thousands of individuals annually and nearly $300 billion every year in the United States just on its own, wildfires are caused directly by a multitude of factors: human malfeasance, climate change, and the failures of myriad federal agencies nationwide.

This remarkable work is the result of over a decade of tireless research, discussions with experts, and firsthand experience. Unearthing the baffling, counterintuitive politics, practices, and programs of the governmental agencies in charge of protecting the nation’s forests, the authors demonstrate the serious and long-lasting impacts that years of malpractice have had on the United States. Alongside their groundbreaking analysis and historical account of the domestic and international wildfire crisis, the authors also offer practical, workable feedback that shifts the focus to the future.

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ISBN: 978-1-63755-783-9
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David L. Auchterlonie

Award-Winning Corporate Turnaround Executive

Jeff Lehman

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