The Sixth Level

Capitalize on the Power of Women's Psychology for Sustainable Leadership

In The Sixth Level, women CEOs, owners, executives, and entrepreneurs tell their stories, demonstrating the tactics and principles that women leaders use when they turn challenges into opportunities to create sustainability and prosperity. 

Readers will discover a critique of the dominant patriarchy that has ignored and rejected critical forms of women’s leadership, as well as strategies and techniques for the workplace that embrace women’s psychology. The Sixth Levelshows that women prioritize and foster connection and intrinsic reward—qualities often suppressed and devalued by dominating leadership paradigms. With first-hand insights from women in business, the book evidences women’s ability to engender authentic connections with others for successful leadership and sustainable organizations.

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“This book challenges our thinking and lays the groundwork for a new leadership level that can be applied not just to business, but to society at large. I discovered common themes from my years of research and my most recent book, Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? (And How to Fix It). If we take note of the evidence around us and apply new ways of thinking, we will have better leaders and more sustainable and profitable organizations.” TOMAS CHAMORRO-PREMUZIC, Professor of Organizational Psychology at Columbia University and UCL

“For many decades, leadership development experts have primarily relied on so-called gender-agnostic leadership models. The Sixth Level leverages the authors’ research on women’s social psychology, giving firsthand accounts of how women leaders can achieve more sustainable and profitable results for their teams and organizations. Grounded on powerful research, The Sixth Level enables readers to quickly identify and build upon a Sixth Level mindset that includes collaboration and empathy, to create groundbreaking high performance. The authors demonstrate through their research and experience that when leaders collectively apply The Sixth Level model, they can transform the world. I strongly recommend this book to anybody who aspires to be a world-class leader and develop others.” ANA DUTRA, speaker, author, CEO coach, business advisor, and board director

“Our familiar paradigm of leadership is based on a male, military model of success, with winners and losers and, at the top, a hero figure who has reached the fifth and highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy—self-actualization. But researchers who have explored outside this model of individual command and control have discovered a more effective style of leadership, one based on the capacity to use both analysis and empathy, and drawing on strengths traditionally associated with the interconnected, feeling world of women. This vision of leadership is not an either-or choice between 'male' versus 'female' styles, but an invitation to incorporate the many neglected aspects of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral empathy that transform transactional hierarchies into generative communities. In calling for a 'Sixth Level' beyond self-actualization—'self-in-relation'—this book points to the need for all of us, no matter what position we hold, to move into an awareness of interconnectedness so that individuals, businesses, communities, and even the planet can thrive.” BETTY S. FLOWERS, PHD, former director of the LBJ Presidential Library and coauthor of Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future

“This is the future of leadership! Incredibly researched and grounded in the real stories of successful women across industries, The Sixth Level offers a new leadership model for modern business. The authors create the ultimate guide for all leaders to use these critical strengths and groundbreaking management techniques to elevate their leadership. Take your career to the next level and unlock your potential with The Sixth Level.” DR. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Leaders who use The Sixth Level model embrace human connection as fundamental to complex problem solving in organizations. Embedded in women’s social psychology, ingenuity is one of the core differentiators the authors put forth to reach creative solutions that contribute to the trifecta: productive teams, sustainable communities, and profitability.” JOSH LINKNER, five-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and venture capitalist

“At last—an intelligent and well-thought-out book on women’s psychology that would benefit both male and female leaders alike. The authors draw from their personal inspirations and research to highlight unique and valuable aspects of women’s leadership. Unlike many other books in this genre, this is not a rant, but a symphony of ideas that remind us why women are a vital part of the workforce, and how under-leveraged their personal capacities often are in a world previously defined by men. This is a must-read for anyone reflecting on leading in the 21st century.” SRINI PILLAY, M.D., Harvard-trained psychiatrist and brain researcher, faculty of Duke CE, McKinsey Think Tank member, Chief Medical Officer and cofounder of Reulay, and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group

“It’s not easy to be a female leader in a male-driven world, which is why this book is so incredibly necessary. The Sixth Level is next level because it teaches leaders everywhere that it is possible to build a successful business that is not only profitable, but also fosters connection and innovation, without the 24-7 hustle mentality.” MEL ROBBINS, bestselling author and host of the award-winning Mel Robbins Podcast

The Sixth Level is as profound as it is practical. In these pages, you will find an evolved model of leadership designed for a complex and unpredictable future. We’ve spent decades thinking and writing about leadership without the practice ever considering women’s perspective on the subject. Sixth Level leadership recognizes the powerful psychological qualities developed in women, and incorporates them into four core differentiators that expand the leadership capabilities of leaders, both women and men. Gratitude sets the foundation and Sixth Level leadership moves us forward.” CHRIS SCHEMBRA, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Gratitude Through Hard Times and USA Today’s “Gratitude Guru”

“This amazing book is full of heart and grounded in mindfulness. The Sixth Level is distinctive—it provides an honest critique of why we must move toward healthier relationships and more sustainable organizational culture. Along with new concepts and provocative questions, readers can consider for themselves how practicing the four core differentiators (mutuality, ingenuity, justness, and intrinsic motivation) will elevate their own leadership and the experience of their teams. The collection of narratives is compelling and shows us how to lead successfully at The Sixth Level.” CLAUDE SILVER, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerX, VaynerMedia

“What an epiphany! The male-dominated leadership model so popular in our culture is no longer sufficient, and we learn there is another, and better way. The Sixth Level reveals four differentiators, central to women’s development, that enable higher level leadership. Their evidence-based sociology of leadership is underscored and amplified by case studies that demonstrate the multitude of competencies, strategies, insights, and principles that these women leaders deploy. This new and necessary narrative by women leaders teaches all of us, men and women, how to embrace and advance to The Sixth Level and drive organizational and community-wide excellence that brings necessary and sustainable change.” PATRICIA SPRATLEN ETEM, MPH, 1980 & 1984 Olympic Rower, founding member of the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) Rowing

“In the 1930s, my mother earned a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s, and founded Third Federal with my father. She didn’t stop there. Her drive in a male-dominated industry shaped Third Federal and blazed the trail for those who came after her. Her values and compassion live on in how we conduct business to this day and highlight the importance of having women in leadership roles. Who knew that this was called Sixth Level Leadership!” MARC A. STEFANSKI, chairman and CEO of Third Federal, and author of People First: The Third Federal Way

“This book pushes the limit on developing today’s leaders. Full of innovation, optimism, and viable solutions for today’s business problems, The Sixth Level explains the shortsightedness of the dominant leadership paradigm that forces winners and losers, and provides an elevated leadership paradigm with new science and the ethic of care. The Sixth Level offers four guiding principles and a treasure trove of real-life examples that can be immediately applied for better outcomes. Internalize the message of The Sixth Level and then act on it through everyday practice. You will find as you operate at The Sixth Level that these practices will strengthen you personally and allow the people you lead to deliver at the highest level.” —RON STREAKER, PHD, principal, TheStriekerGroup

“To thrive in the future, leaders of organizations must take the initiative to operate at The Sixth Level to create intrinsically rewarding communities for work. The authors explain why The Sixth Level has been unrecognized throughout history and provide a guide for using this new model to build sustainable and profitable businesses. Read this book to learn the innovative practices from women leaders and entrepreneurs whose approaches were once overlooked but now are key.” RISHAD TOBACCOWALA, advisor, speaker, educator, and author of Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data

Stacy Feiner

High Performance Psychologist, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Dr. Stacy Feiner is an accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, investor, and mother. She champions the aspirations and ambitions of family-businesses with a pro-growth, pro-health approach that untangles conflict, strengthens emotional dynamics, and facilitates growth. Dr. Feiner founded her firm in 2018 to support the unique needs of private enterprise and ensure they thrive. Committed to optimal results, she collaborates with experts from various disciplines to execute unconventional solutions.

Curious about people’s lives, Dr. Feiner lived in 8 US cities, traveled 9 countries, and lived in Japan. Trained as a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Dr. Feiner worked in college counseling as a psychotherapist and in corporate settings as a performance coach: Vassar College, Merrill Lynch (licensed 7&63), Key Bank, and BDO USA. In 2015, Dr. Feiner published her first book, Talent Mindset. While in high school, she attended the Stone Center lectures at Wellesley College to study Self-in-Relation Theory with Dr. Jean Baker Miller.

Rachel Wallis Andreasson


Rachel Wallis Andreasson believes the right people come into your life at the right time for a specific purpose. Rachel has a passion for supporting women and helping them build their network. She joined her family business during its first major acquisition and then built infrastructure, people and family governance systems for the next twenty-four years. She was the first woman to become President of the Missouri State Association for the convenience store industry and she was awarded the Leadership Award by her peers while earning her MBA at Washington University. After serving in various leadership positions in her family business, Rachel became the CEO, overseeing 1,100 team members. Today, she remains a shareholder and Board member of the family business and is the Executive Director of the Reform synagogue where she grew up and is a proud mother of three. Rachel serves on a bank board, is a mentor and was a founding member of a community foundation where she continues to oversee a learning center that serves 100 children in rural Missouri. Rachel is a self-starter on initiatives that bring value to an organization and thrives on moving people and organizations forward in a purposeful way.

Kathy K. Overbeke

Family Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Researcher

Dr. Kathy K. Overbeke draws on her experience as an entrepreneur and practitioner-scholar to help individuals and businesses discover strengths to conceive new possibilities and reach desired outcomes.  She is a family business advisor and executive coach that works with Fortune 500, middle market, and small businesses.  When working with family businesses, Dr. Overbeke aims to keep the entrepreneurial fire alive while maintaining family harmony.  She is informed by empirical research when helping family businesses plan for the future and when helping to develop leaders.

Dr. Overbeke has published original research in academic journals and has presented her research internationally.  She has also published in popular journals such as Psychology Today.  She was an entrepreneur for over 25 years before returning to school to earn her Doctorate in Management.  Subsequently, she founded GPS: Generation Planning Strategies, LLC, joined the Executive Coaching staff at Case Western Reserve University, and became an adjunct professor of leadership, marketing, and independent studies at various colleges.

Jack D. Harris

Professor of Sociology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY; Owner and Principal Consultant, Harris Consulting Associates, LLC

Jack Harris brings more than 45 years of successful experience in higher education, and management and consulting positions with government and business. Jack has served as a Professor of Sociology at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) since 1974. Dr. Harris was twice President of the New York State Sociological Association. Dr. Harris directed the Men’s Studies Minor at HWS, the first-degree program in Men’s Studies in the United States. He teaches courses on Men and Masculinity, the Sociology of Business and Management, the Sociology of Community, and Senior Seminar Research Practicum. As a professional applied sociologist with specializations in gender, community development, and social organization, he consults nation-wide local governments about business process reengineering and project and change management. 

Dr. Harris has published on Vietnamese masculinity and gender relations including co-authoring a book chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Vietnam (2022) on “The Affairs of Men: Masculinity in Contemporary Vietnam,” the article “Extramarital Relationships, Masculinity, and Gender Relations in Vietnam,” Southeast Review of Asian Studies, Volume 31 (2009), and “Incorporating Men into Vietnamese Gender Studies,” Vietnam Social Sciences, (1998). He has presented at numerous national and international conferences on gender relations. In addition, on the business side, he is co-author of The Municipal Computer Systems Handbook. He has assisted in organizational analysis and design, leadership and management training and staff development, employee motivation, group dynamics and team building, conflict management and resolution, and the analysis of workplace culture.