The Nomadic Soul

A Seeker’s Guide to Finding a Sense of Self and Belonging in the Modern World

“Seline Shenoy’s concept of the higher self as a nomadic soul is a lyrical, thought-provoking metaphor that leads the reader into self-exploration.”

—Martha Beck, PhD, Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach, and New York Times bestselling author

Discover your Nomadic Soul—a profound yet often unexplored part of everyone’s identity that holds the key to everything from answering our biggest questions to finding deeper meaning and joy in everyday life.

Ancient desert nomads were seekers, explorers, and vagabonds, driven by a burning desire to wander off into the wide blue yonder. In doing so, they uncovered new frontiers not just around them but within them.

This primal yearning to be more, do more, and have more lives within you, too.

In The Nomadic Soul, The Dream Catcher community founder Seline Shenoy draws from realms of philosophy, history, and spirituality to reveal a revolutionary framework for discovering your true self and manifesting a life that’s exclusively your own.

Inspired by the stories of visionary thinkers and doers such as Jane Goodall, Maya Angelou, and Walt Disney, the Six Core Needs of the Nomadic Soul present a powerful new way to think about the relationship between our two most deeply felt desires: Freedom (of identity, exploration, and expression) and Connection (with our inner world, with other living beings, and with a force greater than ourselves).

Transcending one-size-fits-all belief systems and speculative or mystical theories, the actionable advice in The Nomadic Soul is more than just a guide. It’s a trusted and wise companion in your journey to self-realization, deeper understanding, and a more meaningful life.

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“Seline Shenoy’s concept of the higher self as a nomadic soul is a lyrical, thought-provoking metaphor that leads the reader into self-exploration. In The Nomadic Soul, Shenoy offers lucid advice for balancing the tension between our need for freedom and our need for connection, helping us each create our own path through a complicated world.”

—Martha Beck, PhD, Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach, and New York Times bestselling author

“Seline Shenoy is a true seeker and a deep listener—a true companion. This book is a necessary antidote to the shallowness and lack of purpose that plague our modern lives.”

—Mark Nepo, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awakening

“Emotionally resonant and brimming with wisdom, The Nomadic Soul is a unique roadmap for those of us who long for a more meaningful life. Seline Shenoy takes readers on a profound journey of self-discovery grounded in the stories of those who have walked the path before them and reveals a powerful new way to think about freedom and connection in today’s world. This book is a must-read for searchers and seekers looking for greater fulfillment and purpose!”

—Stephen Cope, bestselling author of The Great Work of Your Life; founder and former director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living

“Seline Shenoy has written an incredibly insightful, wise, and page-turning classic, reminding us all that the real purpose of life is to explore, uncover, and discover the profound meaning within it just like ancient—and modern—nomads did. The Nomadic Soul reminds us that the eternal path to inner peace, happiness, and success is by digging inward, going on our own hero’s journeys to be transformed into our true selves, and being content with what we find. In an era that screams that we don’t matter unless we acquire certain consumer products, attend certain schools, fabricate a certain online presence, or live a certain type of socially approved but ultimately unfulfilling life, this book stands in stark contrast to the greatest threat facing America—and humanity—today: the poisonous and false idea that our authentic selves are not good enough.”

—Dr. Rob Carpenter, UCLA faculty member, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Happiness, and Hollywood producer

The Nomadic Soul is a compass we all need to move in a direction that leads to personal fulfillment and enlightenment. Seline Shenoy seamlessly blends practicality with spirituality for readers who want to find their way, live their best lives, and find heart-centered connections. In a world where we’re feeling increasingly distracted and cut off from the deepest part of ourselves, this book offers a roadmap for us to return to a soulful existence.”

—Acharya Shunya, internationally renowned mystic and bestselling author of Roar Like a Goddess and Sovereign Self

“In The Nomadic Soul, Seline Shenoy thoughtfully guides readers through an innovative and actionable framework for adding connection, adventure, and discovery to their lives while shining a light on six examples of inspirational individuals who took hold of their visions and mastered their lives. This book is a powerful blueprint for embracing your deepest truth while celebrating the human spirit and staying grounded in your authenticity.”

—Dondi Dahlin, award-winning author of The Five Elements and coauthor of The Little Book of Energy Medicine

Seline Shenoy

Author, Podcast Host, Blogger, and Founder of the Dream Catcher Community

Seline Shenoy is an author, blogger, and podcaster whose work focuses on personal development, self-esteem, productivity, and culture. Her online community—The Dream Catcher—connects and encourages thousands of readers and listeners every month from all over the world to live their dream lives and make a difference. She is a regular contributor to online publications such as Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Elite Daily, Life Hack, Medium, and others.

Seline’s mission is to help people live up to the truest expression of themselves by building a strong and balanced inner foundation of self-worth followed by designing a life that’s in alignment with their personal vision. Through her unique blend of personal experiences and professional expertise, combined with a genuine devotion toward personal and spiritual growth, Seline offers solutions that are both intuitive and practical.