It Can Be You

Humanizing Homelessness

It Can Be You: Humanizing Homelessness encourages everyone to view the world with compassion and understand the reasons behind homelessness, rather than judge them. This book tells the difficult and complex stories of forty-five fashion influencers from all over the world and how they've overcome those obstacles to get where they are today.

Author Jordana Guimaraes's compassion for the homeless, combined with her experience in the fashion industry, inspired her to tell these stories to decrease the stigma surrounding homelessness. Life's circumstances have the power to uplift us or, just as easily, sink us. It Can Be You takes a transparent look into the lives of fashion influencers and homeless individuals who, when placed side by side, turn out to have many common struggles.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-432-0
Imprint: Mascot Books
SKU: 08-687-01
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