Agile Accessibility Handbook

A Practical Guide to Accessible Software Development At Scale

It is estimated that one in five people has a disability; if you do the math, that’s a huge, addressable market that is often overlooked. Digital Accessibility practitioners tap into this market by making digital documents—as well as web and mobile apps—accessible to everyone. However, many enterprises struggle to create, maintain, and scale their digital accessibility efforts.

Agile Accessibility Handbook outlines the steps organizations can take to capture this market, avoid risk, maintain agility, and close the accessibility gap. Using the information provided within this handbook, accessibility subject matter experts, development team members, and executives in charge of setting priorities can together learn how to build successful accessibility experiences for everyone.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-477-1
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"AGILE ACCESSIBILITY gives excellent hands-on advice for how to implement accessibility in all steps of your project. Even organizations that have come a long way will get good advice on how to accelerate on the ally-highway." -ERIK GUSTAFSSON, accessibility lead, Digitalist

Dylan Barrell


As chief technology officer at Deque, Dylan has had the privilege of advising and learning from Fortune 500 clients on large-scale accessibility remediation projects, as well as interacting with development teams of all levels of maturity and working with them to integrate accessibility into their development processes. He founded Axe, the world’s most popular accessibility testing tool, and leads Deque’s software development teams, where the agile practices detailed in this book are developed and honed.