The Monster That Ate Marketing

A Leader’s Guide to Reimagining, Reengineering, and Reinvigorating the Modern Marketing Department

Marketing leaders are suffocating under the weight of more choices, more data, and more to-dos. And there’s no technology or tool that will save us. The good news? We can save ourselves. The Monster That Ate Marketing details the mindset, principles, and practices that marketing leaders can use to bring focus and fun back to their work. Based on lessons learned over decades as a start-up founder and marketing consultant, Jeff Reynolds provides practical ways of thinking about—and designing—a high-impact, modern marketing department. Tame the chaos. Align your team. And do the best work of your career. Not only is it possible, but The Monster That Ate Marketing outlines mental models that need to change and the steps you need to take to make it your reality.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-950-9
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“A clear path out of our frenetic pace and into a whole new world of coherence, clarity, productivity, and success.”—Rob Perez, Regional President, First Interstate Bank (Ret.)

The Monster That Ate Marketing is a must-learn for all marketers and a must-read for the C-suite.“—Rebecca Catlett, Director of Marketing & Communication, Okanagan Specialty Fruits

“The book’s concepts, principles, and practices are lavishly illustrated with many examples drawn from diverse companies and individuals, both present-day and historical.”—Karl Wiegers, PhD, author of The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things

“So many business books spoon-feed you ideas on how to do better marketing–which is fine. But on every damn page of The Monster That Ate Marketing, Jeff Reynolds hits you with a lead pipe of wisdom on how to become a better marketing leader.”—Travis Franklin, Senior Marketing Manager, QualityLogic

“A useful book in every way, delivering examples that simplify the complex while charting a clear path for marketing leaders to elevate their leadership role.”—Ken Johnson, CEO, Ridgeline Insights

“As a marketer of twenty years, most recently in the e-commerce and DTC world, this book could not have been more timely or spoton! Overall, a fun read with practical insights that resonate and great validation for what I'm feeling and how I operate today.”—Emily Huang Tetz, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Channel Development, Lovevery

Jeff Reynolds

Marketing Consultant

Jeff Reynolds is an entrepreneur and consultant who teaches established companies how to think and act more like start-ups and start-up founders how to grow their start-ups into established companies. He is president of Reynolds+Myers, a consultancy helping legacy organizations such as Boise Cascade, First Interstate Bank, and BASF evolve into modern marketers. His work and words have been featured by Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the BBC, among others.