The Risk Paradox

Life Lessons from 102 Amazing Risk-Takers

Why do some people avoid risk at all costs, while others embrace it? How do you know when to take a chance or when to walk away? And what happens after a risk pays off handsomely, crashes miserably, or lands in the muddy middle of life?

The Risk Paradox explores the stories of over one hundred notable risk-takers, in business and life. This unprecedented study provides fascinating, intimate views on risk and its meaning—before, during, and after the plunge. The authors’ research underscores lessons and secrets of those who embrace risk as a part of life, taking us to the heart of the Risk Paradox itself: taking a risk is the least risky thing you can do to live a fulfilling life. 

The Risk Paradox will change how you approach moments of decision in your own life—when you must decide what risks to take and why.

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"The risk-averse—in business or life—will find these tales very motivating. A thought-provoking and readable field guide to risks and the people who take them." —Kirkus Reviews

"The Risk Paradox is a valuable psychological exploration in which the experiences of a hundred adventurous risk-takers are mined for lessons in decision-making." —Foreword Reviews

“Makes a powerful case for the benefits of risk-taking no matter the outcome.”—Daryl Morey, President of Basketball Operations, Philadelphia 76ers

“Reveals, story by story, the motivations and life circumstances of risk-takers.”—Judi Sheppard Missett, Founder of Jazzercise, author of Building a Business with a Beat

“The authors do an incredible job of getting inside the mind of the risk-taker.”—Sue Chen, CEO of Nova Medical Products

“Combines vivid storytelling with an experiential framework for risk-taking.”—James Ellis, Retired Dean of University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

Alan Ying

Business Executive, Researcher, and Risk Expert

Alan Ying dropped out of the cardiothoracic surgery residency program at Duke University to start a software company when he was twenty-eight years old. Since selling that business, he’s enjoyed leading, investing in, and serving on the boards of start-ups to public companies. Alan grew up in Ohio and now lives in Texas. He is married to Anita and is father to Sydney, Emory, and Cooper (hey kids, your names are in a book!). You can email him at

Doug Schneider

Business Executive, Researcher, and Risk Expert

Doug Schneider spent over twenty-five years in high-tech firms, many of them leading and working in healthcare information technology firms that drove industry expansion. He’s had a lifelong focus on innovation and risk-taking. Doug is also the author of the running memoir Ten Marathons: Searching for the Soft Ground in a Hard World. He splits his time between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Hilton Head, South Carolina, with his wife, Elaine. Doug’s writing on life, work, and running can be found at and he can also be reached by email at