Shaping a Winning Team

A Leader’s Guide to Hiring, Assessing, and Developing the People You Need to Succeed

Organizations spend too much of their earnings with each bad hire. They count on failed interview processes and fallible intuition of specific managers when they choose staff, create training programs, and promote from within. Despite the best of intentions, they put their people in position to fail, while simultaneously hurting morale and losing opportunities for better performance.

And yet we have the data to improve . . . by a lot. Paul Fayad and Chak Fu Lam have decades of experience in the research and practice of human resources and management, and they present it to you in Shaping a Winning Team. This essential guide introduces you to the rowers, sitters, and drillers who represent your team right now. The seeming simplicity of these labels undersells the massive impact they have—for better or for worse—on your organization. The authors’ proprietary instruments, including the Positive Assessment Tool (PATsm), use science to help you bring in the personality and behavioral traits that will ultimately help decide your success as you support your rowers, get your sitters to move, and let go of the drillers.

Fayad and Lam offer leadership methods to help you expand the strengths of your people as you hire, assess, and manage your most important assets. Use their work to create an organizational culture that has continuity and strength—one that is shaped for the modern workplace to lessen turnover and improve productivity and quality.

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Paul Fayad

Leadership Entrepreneur and Consultant

Paul Fayad is cofounder of Positive Leader and ELM Learning. He has focused on organizational behavior through more than four decades of founding and holding executive positions with numerous companies.

Fayad has consulted with corporations, school systems, and health-care facilities to establish programs based on positive leadership skills. He has lectured at universities and college business schools in the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

He has also cofounded and stayed active with foundations around the world that help children.

LinkedIn and Instagram: @paulfayad

Chak Fu Lam, PhD

Management Professor and Researcher

Chak Fu Lam cofounded Positive Leader with Fayad. He is an associate professor of management at City University of Hong Kong and a recipient of the Poets&Quants “40-Under-40 Best MBA Professors.” He studies leadership, communication, self-determination, and well-being at work. Lam publishes his research in premier management journals, serves as an associate editor for the Academy of Management Review, and was voted as one of the best editorial reviewers for the Journal of Applied Psychology in 2021.

LinkedIn: chakfu
Instagram: @chak.fu