Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture

A Road Map for Igniting High Performance

How do certain businesses keep their employees engaged and avoid burnout through even the most challenging times?

How can they continue to provide memorable customer experiences no matter what obstacles appear in their way?

How do some leaders continue to inspire high performance while optimizing profits, growth, and retention?

Thousands of books have been written about leadership and workplace culture, but many rely too much on abstract philosophy and head-scratching jargon. In Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture, Eric Stone breaks through the noise to give readers a practical road map for fostering a culture that yields results year in and year out. Influenced by his quarter-century of experience with one of America's most beloved brands, the book is loaded with interviews from senior corporate executives as well as real-life examples and anecdotes. With a distinctive approach that balances flexibility and accountability, Eric digs deep into his accumulated wisdom and experience to help readers know when—and how—to redirect their culture or take a new route. He equips you with everything you need to ignite and maintain a workplace that runs smoothly . . . and never again needs a jumpstart.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-396-1
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“As a valued leader, Eric is acutely aware about the importance of developing and maintaining a strong culture where every employee feels they are a vital member on their team. He has taken his experiences, and those from other high-level leaders, to create a tool kit that will help any organization assess its cultural health—and make it a cut above the rest.”–Matt Darrah, Retired EVP of North America, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. (500+ Connections on LinkedIn)

“This book will change your impressions of what organizational culture is all about. Eric Stone breaks through the noise and provides a clear path to high performance by balancing high standards and character with the perfect mix of training and trust.”–Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, Vaynerx, Vaynermedia (500+ Connections on LinkedIn) (38,000 followers)

“Providing a cutting-edge approach for leaders to measure the health of their organization, Eric Stone’s book is packed with practical techniques and light on theoretical abstracts, demonstrating that a highly engaged culture is the catalyst for top-level results.”–Josh Linkner, New York Times Bestselling Author, Five-Time Tech Entrepreneur, Venture Capital Investor (500+ Connections on LinkedIn) (29,000 followers)

“Eric Stone’s Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture is a great read! It offers real-world examples with practical advice feathered in to help leaders looking to transform their organization’s culture. It should be ‘top of the list’ for anyone interested in creating a positive and productive work environment.”JAMES M. KERR, TOP 10 CULTURE CHANGE THOUGHT LEADER AND LEADERSHIP COACH

“Timeless and timely, Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture is a prerequisite for any leader who is trying to create a competitive advantage for their company. With a unique combination of coaching, guiding, and accountability, it’s an essential blueprint for any leader trying to build a high-performance organization.”–GARRY RIDGE, THE CULTURE COACH & CHAIRMAN EMERITUS, WD-40 COMPANY (500+ Connections on LinkedIn) (112,000 followers)

“In the wake of the Great Resignation, maintaining a culture where everyone is engaged continues to be a challenge for many. With this book, Eric brings a real-life approach to building—and upholding—a culture that focuses on people as well as profits and growth. People are our most valuable asset, and the book is a reminder that culture eats strategy for lunch. If you don’t have a great culture in place, you won’t be in business for long. Buy the book and build the best road map for your organization.”–JEFFREY HAYZLETT, PRIMETIME TV AND PODCAST HOST, SPEAKER, AUTHOR, AND PART-TIME COWBOY (500+ Connections on LinkedIn) (30,000 followers)

Eric Stone

Founder of Clear Path Ventures

Eric D. Stone’s passion for business led him to an influential twenty-six-year career at the iconic rental car company Enterprise Holdings, where he quickly became one of the most decorated Regional Vice Presidents in the company’s history. His ability to connect and motivate employees from all different generations and demographics allowed his teams to sustain top-level results and a culture of pride. Eric attributes much of this success to his ability to create, ignite, and sustain a high-performance culture—one that enabled him to lead his teams through challenges like 9/11, the Great Recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Great Resignation—along with an extraordinary ability to adapt to the unexpected and help others do the same. Eric retired from Enterprise in 2018 and founded Clear Path Ventures, which specializes in guiding young professionals and businesses as they navigate their path to success. Eric has served on the boards of multiple community-focused nonprofits, which focus on providing strategies and resources to close the opportunity gap for marginalized groups.