Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy: Building a Multigenerational Family Business that Lasts

You’ve spent the majority of your career building your family business. You’ve learned what works, endured lean years, enjoyed booms, and watched your company grow, but now it’s time to think about what’s next. Consultant George Isaac has been helping families start, build, and maintain their enterprises for more than forty years. Whether you’re getting ready to retire, about to assume a new leadership role, or are looking for ways to run your business smarter, Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy is the comprehensive guide you need to build a family business that lasts. Using real-world, experiential examples, Isaac introduces:

  • Seven essential initiatives for business survival and growth
  • Techniques to navigate family dynamics and prevent conflict
  • Strategies for establishing effective governance
  • A road map to forming and executing a workable succession plan
  • Practical approaches to multigenerational wealth management

Avoid the pitfalls and traps that keep most family businesses from surviving past the current generation. Build a multigenerational business legacy that lasts with this indispensable guide.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-565-5
SKU: 08-582-01
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