Time Machine

Five Decisions to Accelerate Your Success Timeline and Live a Thousand Lives


Kris Krohn started questioning the way we view time and how to use it, which led him to finding a better way to decide what gets a portion of his time. In this book, Kris shares his formula for answering YES or NO to life’s commitments in a way that accelerates your success timeline and allows you to fit more life into the one you’re already living.

Kris Krohn plans to live a thousand lives within the one he has, and he wants to help others do the same.

That’s why he’s on a mission to inspire people to live a life without regret. And the system he presents in Time Machinewill enable people to see the best choice BEFORE they make it by looking at each yes or no question through five lenses: logic, money, joy, energy, and intuition.

Like the phoropter that optometrists use to help patients achieve 20/20 vision, when you adjust all five lenses correctly, you achieve 20/20 Hindsight Vision before committing your time!

The end result? In the same way that you can arbitrage money in investing, Kris has discovered a way to ARBITRAGE TIME and do more with the same bucket of minutes we all have.

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Kris Krohn

Business Coach, Real Estate Maverick, and Life-changing Mentor

Kris Krohn is a real estate maverick, business coach, eight-figure influencer, international speaker, breakthrough mentor, and bestselling author who has helped thousands of people get on the path to wealth through real estate investing, business coaching, and mindset training. He is the author of four books—The Strait Path to Real Estate WealthHave It AllUnstoppable; and Limitless—and the coauthor of The Conscious Creator. Kris holds a bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development from Brigham Young University and an honorary MBA from Stevens-Henager College. He and his wife, Kalenn, are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

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