Unshackling Democracy

Embracing Term Limits, Empowering Citizens

It is time to cease business as usual in Washington, and Gerrick Wilkins sees the solution right in front of us. 

Wilkins asserts the time is now to limit how long members of the U.S. Congress can serve—to counter the corrupting culture of political careerism with fresh ideas and innovation and to encourage the kind of “citizen legislature” the founders of our republic dreamed of.

Unshackling Democracy highlights this conviction and brings new light on an issue that has been debated and deferred much too long. With engaging storytelling and well-researched history, Wilkins provides a fresh look at term limits. A highly successful dealer and consultant in the automobile industry, Wilkins sees professional politicians and elite policymakers who ignore or misunderstand the perspectives of ordinary Americans—those who create businesses and make up the workforce, struggle to make paychecks stretch farther, and are committed to better lives for their children.

Wilkins chose to make a congressional run when the elected official in his district reneged on his commitment not to seek re-election after five terms. Wilkins believes that term limits would encourage stronger involvement in the political process. He believes this book will motivate citizens to take back the reins of power from the hands of career politicians and restore it to the American people—where it was always meant to be.

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“In Unshackling Democracy, Gerrick Wilkins makes a powerful case for why a three-term House limit and a two-term Senate limit would revitalize our republic and restore America’s founding principles. This book bulldozes past the typical talking points in Washington, equipping readers with the knowledge they need to fight—and win—a victory for term limits.” —HOWIE RICH, CO-FOUNDER, U.S. TERM LIMITS

 “Unshackling Democracy presents a clear rationale for the necessity of congressional term limits, blending history and modern examples to vividly illustrate this crucial topic. It compellingly argues that such limits are essential to curb political careerism, ignite innovation, and revitalize the spirit of true public service.” —ROD BLUM, FORMER CONGRESSMAN (R-IA)