Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek

A Memoir

This is the epic story of one man’s voyage from growing up in poverty on a Greek isle to becoming a thriving entrepreneur, political strategist, and philanthropist. Penned with devotion and spirit gleaned from a lifetime of sagacity and experience, Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek is a future-forward memoir, with a fresh, optimistic view of American democracy. From the beginning sentence to the very end, Danis presents a clarion call to us all, urging readers to embrace our shared, collective humanity and the ties that bind us together.

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“I have known George for many years and have witnessed firsthand the warmth of his friendship and the strength of his commitment to democracy. Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek is a wonderful invitation to see the world through his eyes.” Michael Dukakis, Massachusetts Governor


“This compelling memoir is an extraordinary example of the success that is achieved through perseverance, the importance of recognizing the obligation of duty in a democracy, and the power of an indomitable spirit. Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek illustrates perfectly how George Danis represents the true meaning of Philotimo.” —Arthur T. Demoulas, Food Merchant, Market Basket Supermarkets


“A wonderful book and example for our young generations. A struggle, turned into a challenging adventure, by a young man of strength and character; the cornerstone attributes of what made our America what it is today. I hope many of our young people will read and be inspired by the journey, sacrifices, and determination that seeded the success of Mr. Danis and our great nation, the USA.” —Dean Metropoulos, Entrepreneur


“America is a nation of immigrants, from many places but with similar stories. Danis’s own story, beautifully told in Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek, reminds us of the grit, determination, and kindness that immigrants have brought, generation after generation, and are the bedrock of what is best about our country.” —Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Governor 


“Having known George for many years, I have witnessed his commitment to democracy. Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek is a wonderful invitation to the reader to reflect on what it means to be a true citizen of our country through his eyes.” —Marty Meehan, President, University of Massachusetts

George E. Danis

Former Presidential Advisor, Philanthropist, and Democracy Advocate


George E. Danis is a successful businessman, organizer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  Born into poverty in rural Greece, George entered the US as an illegal immigrant, yet decades later was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition of his philanthropic endeavors and promotion of democracy. Highly active in politics for four decades, George was a fundraiser, advocate, and advisor to governors, senators and presidential candidates. Today he divides his time between Boston, Massachusetts, and his childhood town of Karystos, Greece. He is married to Karen, has four children, and nine grandchildren.