The Healthcare Labyrinth

A Guide to Navigating Health Plans and Fixing American Health Insurance

The Healthcare Labyrinth is not just a comprehensive guide to navigating health plans - it offers a blueprint for fixing our broken healthcare system.

The American health insurance system is anything but easy to maneuver. Health plan enrollees are entangled in a maze of confusion, often resulting in regret, frustration, and deep debt.

In The Healthcare Labyrinth, health plan and healthcare technology veteran Marc S. Ryan demystifies the U.S. healthcare system, helping Americans become wiser consumers and allowing them to navigate the maze with more clarity.

Marc walks through how the system operates, tracing the dysfunction, high costs, and lack of quality to three core issues:

  • a lack of affordable universal access;
  • little focus on wellness, prevention, and care management; and
  • outrageous pricing, especially compared to other developed nations.

Using his decades of experience, Marc outlines a bipartisan blueprint to transform America's unique system without dismantling the employer-based system. He relies on leading academic, research, and mainstream media sources from across the political spectrum to examine the U.S. healthcare system and compare it to those of other developed nations.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-993-6
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The Healthcare Labyrinth is a timely and informative book that is written in a way that clearly breaks down every aspect of health insurance so everyone can understand. This is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to understand the world of healthcare coverage.”—MARTY MAKARY, Johns Hopkins professor and New York Times bestselling author of The Price We Pay

“An illuminating, practical guide...[Ryan’s] dedication to American health care reform [is] evident and convincing throughout this instructive, cautionary, and solidly crafted resource.”Kirkus Reviews

“An educational political treatise...The Healthcare Labyrinth informs, persuades, and prompts reflection on the current maze that is the American health care system.”Foreword Reviews

“Those looking for better ways to navigate the system will find helpful suggestions, particularly relating to insurance, and a better understanding of the healthcare system’s fundamentals, along with possible steps for reform.”BlueInk Reviews

Marc S. Ryan

Healthcare Software Technology Executive

Marc S. Ryan is President of MHK, a fast-growing healthcare software technology firm. Marc was one of MHK’s first executives after its founding in 2010 and previously served as Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

MHK’s CareProminence platform focuses on improving the compliance, efficiency, and quality of various clinical and administrative functions for health plans and pharmacy benefits managers. MHK’s MarketProminence platform focuses on enrollment and financial reconciliation products for Medicare.
From 1998 to 2005, Ryan was Connecticut’s State Budget Director and Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, where he oversaw all aspects of state budgeting, policy formulation, and day-to-day management of state government.

After leaving state service, Ryan began his healthcare career. He has served in numerous executive level policy, regulatory, compliance, business development, and operations roles at health plans. He has launched Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and Exchange Marketplace plans.

In 2004, Ryan was appointed by the HHS Secretary to serve on the federal State Pharmaceutical Assistance Transition Commission, which worked to integrate state senior drug assistance programs with the new Medicare Part D program. From 2005 to 2008, Ryan also served on the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s Medicaid Reform Technical Advisory Panel.