Now, Near, Next

A Practical Guide for Mid-Career Women to Move from Professional Serendipity to Intentional Advancement

For myriad women, the middle part of their careers can become a never-ending loop. They begin the journey, ready to dive in. They work hard, funnel all of their energy into the job, and don't let go. They hop from role to role, but eventually, as the decades progress, they realize that the ride has really been an endless circle. It's time to change that.

In this propulsive, activating debut, Now, Near, Next promotes self-advocacy and independence, moving away from the well-worn, outdated societal norms and expectations for women that hold them back. Taking control of the future is no longer just a priority—it is essential to becoming who we are meant to be.

Whether you carry a purse, briefcase, or anything in between, make sure a copy of Now, Near, Next is tucked inside at all times!

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"Now, Near, Next comes at a time when taking control of our lives and maximizing self-agency is at the forefront of conversations surrounding careers and leadership. By distilling the complexities of what it means to put ourselves first—and tackling the internal and external barriers that hold us back—Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer and Kimberly Rath embody the future and want us all to come along with them." —Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned LifeTriggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“In Now, Near, Next, Cynthia and Kimberly offer a transformative guide for mid-career women, blending practical strategies with personal narratives. From energizing self-agency to navigating life’s unexpected turns, the book is full of practical wisdom and proven strategies, serving as a blueprint for realizing a woman’s true potential. A must-read!” —JINGJIN LIU, CEO and founder, ZaZaZu

“Authors Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer and Kimberly Rath courageously confront age-old conditioning that has thwarted women’s progress throughout history: women must always be humble. The pervasive notion that women must keep their heads down and work hard has only served to propel the careers of their male peers, who instead are looking ahead and surging forward. Enter Now, Near, Next, a pragmatic guide that encourages women to reclaim their autonomy, unapologetically invest in their future, and hype women to do the same.” —ERIN GALLAGHER, CEO + founder, Ella; creator of Hype Women Movement

Now, Near, Next is an incredible piece that empowers you to take your power back. I was taken aback by vignettes that bring to life the science of personal agency and its profound toll and impact on the lives of women. Cynthia and Kimberly do such a wonderful job of detailing pathways to overcoming the sometimes subconscious stumbling blocks that can make you feel limited. The book leaves you with a sense of ownership of your life. I’m energized by reading it. You will be, too!” —DAVID SATCHELL, Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant and author of Extracting the Leader from Within

“This book is timely, as many jobs will be impacted by the fourth Industrial Revolution, driven by AI. Now, Near, Next is an all-encompassing guide for mid-career women. Each chapter acts as a catalyst for personal and professional excellence, offering not just a reading experience but an interactive journey that fosters self-discovery and empowerment.” —DR. VIRPI TERVONEN, CEO Mindset Coach, RealRelevantResults

“Changing your life for the better isn’t always easy, and Now, Near, Next means never having to do it alone. There are stories of transformation that can motivate our own, and real-world advice from a diverse range of voices that is implementable for everyone. Sharp, necessary, and the world is ready.” —ANDRÉ STEWART, founder and CEO of InvestFar, Inc. and author of Epitome of the Mind

“Accessing and tapping into our fullest potential is more essential than ever—but in this fast-moving world, it’s also harder than ever. Now, Near, Next empowers us with the guidance we need and speaks to us in ways that are relatable, practical, and meaningful. While the book seeks to activate our self-agency, it also reminds us about the power of our relationships with others. As much about the present as it is about the future, there is a spot for it on every shelf, now and beyond.” —LORRAINE RISE, founder and CEO of CareerUpRising and author of What You Didn’t Learn in School

“Timely, relevant, intensely personal, and expertly written, this book serves as a modern-day GPS for women (and men) who are willing to engage in career reinvention as a way of life. I am making this a must-read for my twin daughters and all the women I know as a guide to life beyond the corporate corridors.” —REGINALD R. MEBANE, senior executive and former Mercy board member

“Cynthia and Kimberly have provided clarity on what it takes to stay energized not only in our careers, but in our lives. Through personal experiences and supporting data, they provide guidance and tools for successfully achieving one’s own ‘Near’ and ‘Next’ with zeal!” —BARBARA C. ARCHER, MBA, CFP,® CLU,® AEP,® CPRC, partner, Hightower Wealth Advisors

“As a mid-career woman, I found Cynthia and Kimberly’s book to be a refreshing invitation to focus on myself and seek opportunities to deepen my own self-understanding and intentionality around the dreams I have for my career. As a busy woman, it is easy for a day to turn to a week to turn to a season and year without asking or reflecting on my own direction. Reading Now, Near, Next is like a mini professional retreat to reset purpose, focus on a future, and develop a plan that fits within the fullness of the vision I have for all facets of my professional life.” —JENNA SPECKART, D. Be., Vice President, Mission & Ethics, Mercy St. Louis

Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer

Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer, cofounder of Zeal of the Heel and founder of Bentzen Performance Partners, is a business executive, human capital strategist, author, and executive coach. Working from the time she was 14, her leadership journey began early. A working mom and breadwinner serving in predominantly male-led industries, throughout most of her 30-year career she was the youngest and only female on the executive team. 

Navigating a progressive career as a chief executive in gaming, hospitality, and health-care, while raising two children and pursuing advanced degrees, Cynthia has experienced the joys and challenges of trying to “have it all.” With deep appreciation for those who shined a light for her, and as a social psychologist with a passion to unleash human potential, she feels a personal responsibility to help women claim their agency and amplify their possibilities.

Kimberly K. Rath

Leadership Coach and Bestselling Author

Kimberly Rath is a bestselling author, cofounder of Zeal of the Heel, and cofounder and cochairman of Talent Plus.® An innovator and visionary, Kimberly has been at the forefront of thinking about talent her entire career, helping others discover and develop their unique strengths. Through her leadership at Talent Plus,® she has delivered tremendous outcomes for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Estée Lauder, Ferragamo, Delta Airlines, UCLA Health, University of Kansas Health, The Ritz-Carlton, and KSL Resorts. 

Kimberly is passionate about giving back, sitting on several boards, and supporting various foundations and professional organizations. Kimberly is also the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of Business Success Secrets.