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April Employee Spotlight: Caitlin Smith, Senior Graphic Designer

We are excited to spotlight Caitlin Smith, our Senior Graphic Designer hailing from Roanoke, Virginia.

Caitlin is a proud overachiever and a firm believer in the [...]

5 Benefits of Collaborating with a Ghostwriter to Bring Your Book to Life

Ghostwriters are incredibly valuable resources for authors who want to share their ideas, stories, or expertise with the world but don’t have the time or [...]

7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Book and How They Can Impact Your Writing Process

“I should write a book.” It’s a common idea thought leaders and those with influence have, and it’s one worth exploring. Infinitely rewarding and usually [...]

Do You Need a Publicist? 8 Questions to Guide an Author’s Decision

As an author, your book is your baby, and you want it to reach as many readers as possible. This is where a publicist can [...]

Amplify Author Spotlight: Val Ries

We are excited to feature Val Ries, author of Chief Inspiration Officer, as this month’s Amplify Author Spotlight!

Founder of Executive Muse (an executive coaching & [...]

Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Publishing: 5 Key Benefits for Authors

Hybrid publishing combines the best of traditional and self-publishing models. This method of publishing affords greater control over the publishing process and the final product, [...]

March Employee Spotlight: Jenna Scafuri, Senior Production Editor

This month, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on one of our senior production editors, Jenna Scafuri, who brings nearly fifteen years of experience in [...]

The Writer’s Guide to Beating Burnout: 7 Causes of Author Burnout and How to Avoid Them

Publishing a book provides thought leaders with countless opportunities, but it can also be exhausting. Beyond conceptualizing your book and finalizing the manuscript itself, you’ll [...]

Amplify Author Spotlight: Kate Purmal

We are thrilled to feature Kate Purmal, a distinguished author and business leader with a wealth of experience in executive coaching, business advising, and board [...]

February Employee Spotlight: Ben Simpson

Meet Ben Simpson, the acquisitions director at Amplify Publishing Group. With six years of experience in the book industry, he brings invaluable knowledge and skills [...]

Announcing Our Next Chapter

We’re thrilled to announce the next chapter of Amplify Publishing’s story: for the first time, our six imprints have been brought under the umbrella of [...]

Case Study: My Lifelong Fight Against Disease

Along with the rest of the world, the publishing industry has made some necessary adjustments—some permanent, some temporary—due to the pandemic. One of the most [...]

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