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Stacy Feiner

High Performance Psychologist, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Dr. Stacy Feiner is an accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, investor, and mother. She champions the aspirations and ambitions of family-businesses with a pro-growth, pro-health approach that untangles conflict, strengthens emotional dynamics, and facilitates growth. Dr. Feiner founded her firm in 2018 to support the unique needs of private enterprise and ensure they thrive. Committed to optimal results, she collaborates with experts from various disciplines to execute unconventional solutions.

Curious about people’s lives, Dr. Feiner lived in 8 US cities, traveled 9 countries, and lived in Japan. Trained as a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Dr. Feiner worked in college counseling as a psychotherapist and in corporate settings as a performance coach: Vassar College, Merrill Lynch (licensed 7&63), Key Bank, and BDO USA. In 2015, Dr. Feiner published her first book, Talent Mindset. While in high school, she attended the Stone Center lectures at Wellesley College to study Self-in-Relation Theory with Dr. Jean Baker Miller.


The Sixth Level

Capitalize on the Power of Women’s Psychology for Sustainable Leadership

In The Sixth Level, women CEOs, owners, executives, and entrepreneurs tell their stories, demonstrating the tactics and principles that women leaders use when they turn challenges into opportunities to create sustainability and prosperity. 

Readers will discover a critique of the dominant patriarchy that has ignored and rejected critical forms of women’s leadership, as well as strategies and techniques for the workplace that embrace women’s psychology. The Sixth Levelshows that women prioritize and foster connection and intrinsic reward—qualities often suppressed and devalued by dominating leadership paradigms. With first-hand insights from women in business, the book evidences women’s ability to engender authentic connections with others for successful leadership and sustainable organizations.

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