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Rachel Wallis Andreasson

Rachel Wallis Andreasson believes the right people come into your life at the right time for a specific purpose. Rachel has a passion for supporting women and helping them build their network. She joined her family business during its first major acquisition and then built infrastructure, people and family governance systems for the next twenty-four years. She was the first woman to become President of the Missouri State Association for the convenience store industry and she was awarded the Leadership Award by her peers while earning her MBA at Washington University. After serving in various leadership positions in her family business, Rachel became the CEO, overseeing 1,100 team members. Today, she remains a shareholder and Board member of the family business and is the Executive Director of the Reform synagogue where she grew up and is a proud mother of three. Rachel serves on a bank board, is a mentor and was a founding member of a community foundation where she continues to oversee a learning center that serves 100 children in rural Missouri. Rachel is a self-starter on initiatives that bring value to an organization and thrives on moving people and organizations forward in a purposeful way.

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