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Jack D. Harris

Jack Harris brings more than 45 years of successful experience in higher education, and management and consulting positions with government and business. Jack has served as a Professor of Sociology at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) since 1974. Dr. Harris was twice President of the New York State Sociological Association. Dr. Harris directed the Men’s Studies Minor at HWS, the first-degree program in Men’s Studies in the United States. He teaches courses on Men and Masculinity, the Sociology of Business and Management, the Sociology of Community, and Senior Seminar Research Practicum. As a professional applied sociologist with specializations in gender, community development, and social organization, he consults nation-wide local governments about business process reengineering and project and change management. 

Dr. Harris has published on Vietnamese masculinity and gender relations including co-authoring a book chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Vietnam (2022) on “The Affairs of Men: Masculinity in Contemporary Vietnam,” the article “Extramarital Relationships, Masculinity, and Gender Relations in Vietnam,” Southeast Review of Asian Studies, Volume 31 (2009), and “Incorporating Men into Vietnamese Gender Studies,” Vietnam Social Sciences, (1998). He has presented at numerous national and international conferences on gender relations. In addition, on the business side, he is co-author of The Municipal Computer Systems Handbook. He has assisted in organizational analysis and design, leadership and management training and staff development, employee motivation, group dynamics and team building, conflict management and resolution, and the analysis of workplace culture.

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