The Art of Executive Presence

Many of us experience being overly sensitive and more reactive than we’d like to be throughout the day at work, but why? When we are overly reliant on external validation and reactive to external pressures—driven by fear of judgment, criticism, and failure—we lose our composure.

The good news is, like any important skill, composure is something you can learn and cultivate by creating strong personal boundaries, building confidence, developing self-awareness, and aligning yourself and your values. This is what is explored profoundly in this book.

Drawing on more than twenty years of experience as corporate executives, executive coaches, and their expertise in neurolinguistics and trauma and PTSD therapy, Kate Purmal and her colleagues Lee Epting and Joshua Isaac Smith deliver a unique approach to navigating work environments that don’t feel psychologically safe.

Using proven techniques, Composure shows how you can compose yourself to elevate your presence at work, at home, and, ultimately, within yourself.

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“Finally. A well-written and engaging book that provides honest and practical guidance to unlock what’s standing between you and your best self. Written in very human terms, Composure delivers a structured process and clear examples to give high performers the tools to own their future success.”—MARY MCDOWELL, CEO, Mitel Networks

“This insightful yet unusual book will be powerful for anyone who is seen as successful by others but inside feels stuck, insecure, or unhappy. It reveals how transformational it can be to work with a great coach while also helping you tackle your own challenges. Most of all, you’ll realize that you are not alone in your struggles.”—SUZANNE SKYVARA, VP Marketing & Editorial, Goodreads

“If there’s anyone who knows how to excel under pressure, it’s Kate Purmal. Composure should be required reading for those of us who have to lead in complex high-wire environments.”—MARK LEVY, Founder, Levy Innovation LLC; Author of Accidental Genius

“With this important book, Kate Purmal shows us how WE CAN replace self-doubt, inadequacy, and worry with confidence, self-worth, and courage. She is a brilliant writer and teacher who provides volumes of warm, yet practical guidance and advice to help women accelerate their path to the C-suite and boardroom.”—ROBIN TOFT, CEO, Toft Group, a ZRG company; Co-Founder, We Can Rise; Author of WE CAN: The Executive Woman’s Guide to Career Advancement

Composure is both practical and inspirational. Through three key steps—awareness, resolution, and transformation—it guides the reader to new heights of self-awareness and greater outcomes!”—TERRY KRAMER, Faculty Director, Easton Technology Management Center, UCLA Anderson School of Management; former CHRO Vodafone Group Plc and President, Vodafone Americas

Kate Purmal

Executive Coach

Kate is an executive coach, corporate board director, and business school lecturer at Stanford, Georgetown, and the University of Michigan. She has served as CEO, COO, and CFO for numerous technology companies. Kate has two grown children and lives in San Diego with her husband, James.