Brain On!

Mental Fitness Strategies for Sharpening Focus, Boosting Energy, and Winning the Workday

If you want to be more mentally prepared for each workday, then BRAIN ON!

The most powerful technology ever known is already in place—your brain. As incredible as that organ is, it hasn’t received an update. Your brain is meant to keep you safe (and it does that very well!), but you must improve your operating system to reach your goals, find joy, and get results at work.

Negativity occurs when you’re not conscious about how you use your brain. This leads to overwhelm, distraction, burnout, and other workplace stressors. In Brain On!, Deb Smolensky is your coach to retrain your brain through strategies that will help you improve your mental fitness and find your way through the complex and changing world. As one of the leading authorities on human performance and workplace well-being, Smolensky knows that just as we need to work out our muscles to get physically stronger, our brains need exercise to be more resilient and aware. 

Whether you are an ambitious individual wanting to stay energized, efficient, and fulfilled or an organizational leader who wants to elevate your workplace culture, Brain On! is your manual for improving your mindset and being victorious each workday.

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“We often underestimate the strength of the miraculous human brain. Deb Smolensky in this book dives deep into the prefrontal cortex and reintroduces us with vigor and joy to what is possible when we use our heads with intention.” —DANIEL H. PINK, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Drive, The Power of Regret, and A Whole New Mind

“Deb understands both the challenges of working in today’s world and the opportunities to make it better for both individuals and organizations. Brain On! is a great resource to elicit the intrapersonal skills critical to bringing more compassion, energy, well-being, and gratitude into the workplace and workday.” —CLAUDE SILVER, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerX, LLC

“Organizations would serve their leadership and employees well by learning how to apply Deb’s mental fitness exercises. Brain On! is a playbook to help change work from the inside out.” —SCOTT SHUTE, former Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at LinkedIn and author of The Full Body Yes

“Deb is doing important work to make organizations of all types work better. We all accept that business performance is a function of human performance—but we don’t always invest in the mental health, aptitude, and skills of our people. Deb is working to change that. Her approach, to understand and strengthen the brain at work, is a critical input to better the health of our workforce and our businesses.” —ERIC LANGSHUR, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Abundant Venture Partners

“A lively, friendly guide...[Deb] doesn’t pull her punches...always holds her readers responsible...and she acknowledges the difficult realities of maintaining one’s daily mental health. At the same time, she frames her explanations with a bracing optimism that readers are sure to appreciate... powerfully uplifting.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“An encouraging self-help text filled with methods for managing worker energy and cultivating emotional intelligence in the office.” —FOREWORD REVIEWS

“Refreshing...Smolensky’s cheerleading style is warm and encouraging, and the message is likely to be well-received...well organized and clearly presented. Those who need a friendly push to form better emotional habits will find it here.” —BLUEINK REVIEWS

Deb Smolensky

Human and Organizational Performance and Well-Being Expert

Deb Smolensky is a highly sought-after author, speaker, and award-winning thought leader in the area of human performance and health at work. She serves as a Global Well-Being and Engagement Practice Leader and also as an advisor for the insurtech, fintech, and digital health start-up communities. Over the past twenty-five years, Deb has received numerous certifications and designations in organizational health and productivity. She consults with a variety of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, to develop strategies, programs, and practices that empower employees and executives to lead healthy, productive lives at work through innovative, meaningful, and engaging solutions.